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Article: Believe Systems Coaching


Article extracted from a workshop & book called:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU - by Dieter LuskeĀ© - Gold Coast

... all following articles, are written as workshop manuscript
... questions were asked to stimulate active participation.

ARTICLE 13 - Love and Accept Yourself ..... and the Rule of the Pendulum

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Immagian a pendulum, swinging from side to side
the middle part has 2 labels:

Label 1 - I LOVE MYSELF!


The Pendulum Rule:

If you truly love and accept yourself, the pendulum will swing towards the creative side and you will have a swinging good time!

If you find it hard to love yourself, or don't even like yourself, and can't accept yourself either, you will swing towards the victim side, which means; you are giving yourself a very hard time.

Ask yourself now "do I love and accept myself" ? (and if you don't, what parts of you)

Consider this ...

Everything up to this very second, from the day you were born to right now, your whole life is a fact, it can not be changed.

If you get up now and look into a mirror, you see what you got, ... you got yourself.

What you see is a fact.

Please love and accept yourself.

Love and accept what you see, feel, and think about yourself.

Accepting a fact for what it is, is the prerequisite for moving on in life.

If you can't accept the person you see in the mirror, then you have chosen the victim position, probably the toughest one there is.

Do you want to be a victim? No? O.K. then move on, go and accept yourself, love yourself.

Stand in front of the mirror, preferably naked, look at yourself and say out loud:


After all, if you don't love yourself, how can anyone else love you?

And because there are people who love you, you are lovable and can love yourself as well.

As soon as you can do that, life will start to change, (if you let it be).

Life will become creative, as you are now ready to look into the unknown, do things you haven't done before, get out of your box, make mistakes, make corrections and truly LEARN!

Obviously, your belief systems will play a big part in the question as to whether you love yourself or not.

If you have an unsupportive belief system, the chance is that you don't love yourself.

This always comes in combination with a low self- esteem, and a generally low self-opinion.


We discussed before, that in order to change your belief system, it is not enough to discard your old belief system, you must choose a new and supportive belief-system at the same time.

One excellent way of doing that is by way of affirmation.

Which brings us to the next subject - Affirmation


Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L. Gold Coast

Excerpt from a workshop & book - published 1993 - titled; "Do you believe in You" www.usenature.com - Dieter Luske ©

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Love Yourself - Namaste

Love Yourself - Namaste


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