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Silvia Camastral Ph.D - Counsellor - Process Oriented Psychotherapist - M.Couns. Dip.Ed - individual . relationships . family

Counselling can be effectively achieved in various forms, explore some of the counselling modalities below...

Someone accredited in Counselling, will be able to counsel you on any problem, be it Relationship, Stress, Marriage, Guidance, Anger, Addiction, Anxiety, Depression and Gender..

Most counsellers will have a wide variety of counselling skills and may practice different modalities.

If you seek a specific form of counselling, it is always wise to call a Counseller and ask if they do the specific form of counselling you would prefer.

Living in our world today can be very stressful.

While some of the stress that we experience is actually useful for motivating us, a point can be reached where it becomes very harmful, physically, emotionally and even spiritually.

Knowing how to manage and even reduce the harmful effects of stress on a daily basis, of staying balanced and centred as we encounter the many stressors of everyday living, is crucial to our well being. Among other things, taking care of ourselves will necessarily involve us nurturing our physical body, of eating healthy foods, and exercising.

Learning how to take care of ourselves in this respect is also very important for everyone as our experience of stress can and does affect others as well.

Counselling is very helpful in all these aspects. To seek counselling is to seek clarification within yourself, a third persons approach will help achieve your objective.

For self help, we do have a number of support articles and pages:

Counselling Therapy Modalities:

  1. Anti Stress Counselling: (Stress management - specialised form of Counselling or Coaching )
    Many Therapists will work as anti-stress practitioners, but some have specialized in stress management.

  2. Art Therapy: ( a form of counselling using art or art-activities - Art Classes are seen as therapy as well.
    Information for Art Therapy on the Gold Coast, click > Arttherapy

  3. Astrology: Another form of counselling, esp if you look for guidance and intuition.
    Information for Astrology & Workshops on the Gold Coast, click > Astrologer

  4. Coaching: ( Lifestlyle or Business Coaching)

  5. Counselling Therapy:
    Information for Gold Coast Counselling - this page -

  6. EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique:

  7. Hypnotherapist: Hypnotherapy targets the subconscious mind to bring about change from within.

  8. NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Information provided by the editor of Use Nature, Dieter Luske

* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.

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