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The Seven Steps to Success

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Article: Lifestyle Choice - Seven Steps to Success


Article extracted from a workshop manual & book called:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU - by Dieter LuskeĀ© - Gold Coast

... all following articles, are written as workshop manuscript
... questions were asked to stimulate active participation.

ARTICLE NUMBER - 33 - Chapter Five

Seven Steps to Success

The Seven Steps to Success, or the secrets of Accomplishment.

This final chapter is not only a summary of what you know now, it is also a stepping stone to using this book even more effectively, by reflecting back to specifc chapters or topics.

Knowing, understanding and putting everything into action that you know now, will make you successful.

The term "Success", stands for whatever you would like it to stand for... It can have a different meaning for different people. Success may not be associated with being rich, money is just a by-product, even so it is a very comforting by-product.

Having read this book this far, you may have lost the overview. If you have answered all the questions and done what you were supposed to do, you may be left with a lot of details.

The seven steps to success will give you back the overview and therefore will make you able to get the best of both worlds:


Step 1 - PASSION

It doesn't matter which book you are reading or who you are listening to, if you look at successful people, organisations, businesses or even in politics, all successes have one major common factor—it is passion.

Without passion, your drive to achieve something, be it for yourself, your country or whatsoever, will be less motivated and effective.

Doing what you love or going for what you hate, can create this passion. Getting out of your victim position, choosing the right emotion for the right situation and having your goals worked out, all are steps towards the big step of passion and desires.

Failing all that, there is still one more way to trigger passion. Go back to the section on triggering a new emotion, and trigger passion.

If you ever had passion, go back and anchor that emotion, or imagine the passion and finally you can create passion with a 'swish' exercise.

Passion is an almost obsessive purpose and used in both negative and positive goals.

(Not surprisingly I am not advocating the negative side of an obsessive desire, purely the positive side).

If you look at successful people, you can see that an obsessive desire is needed to swim daily for six or eight hours, or regularly play a musical instrument for a similar amount of time in order to reach perfection.

Maybe your desire is not quite like that, and maybe it doesn't have to be, but you surely can see that desire is the major driving force!

Let me finish this description of desire with a quote;


Step 2 - BELIEF

There is not much more to say about belief, other than that it obviously determines the outcome of your success story. This may be the right time to read the section - Your Belief System again.

The key is now simple to understand.

  • If you believe in limitation, there will be limitation!

  • If you believe in success, there will be success!

  • And, believe it or not, if you believe in magic, there will be magic!

Please, review your supportive belief list and your limiting belief list.

Have you found more limitations, and have you replaced your limitations with supportable belief systems?

Do that now, and remember affirmations!

Step 3 - VALUES

Your values will pretty much determine your life. If you haven't got any, (and I am sure you have), then your desires may lead you to negative goals or simply to material goals.

As we said before, there is nothing wrong with money, but if money is the sole purpose of your life, you are definitely missing something and I would strongly suggest, that you check your values again.

Please, know your values, they are important to you, they are deeper than belief systems. Without values, there is no reason for doing anything.

Simply put, you wouldn't value anything you do. Pretty frustrating isn't it?

Step 4 - TACTICS

I like this word, it is not as serious as strategy. For me it sounds more creative, lateral and fun. The idea behind it is that you have to figure out a road map which will give you direction and tell you how to get to your destination. We used the analogy of cars and driving before and it certainly makes sense. So, before you go into new territory make sure you have a road map and know how to use it.

Tactics are ways of organising your ideas, resources, your team, your time and energy.

Play everything to the advantage and for the good of all. Make sure you don't step on anybody's toes.

Chunking backwards will help you here.

Step 5: ENERGY

You may have all the desire in the world, but if you are too tired to get out of bed in the morning, you will not go very far.

To achieve your goals and your passions, you have to transform your ideas into action. Believe me, you will put nothing into action without good solid energy behind you.

Have you noticed, that a lot of people's health and wealth goes into the opposite direction? Those people forgot about their energy.

By energy I mean physical, intellectual and spiritual energy. This kind of energy will take you into action.

Make sure your tactics include a road map to the next gym! That is not all however, you need rest, relaxation, a positive attitude, peace of mind, exercise and a 'Live Food Diet' for regeneration.

Doing nothing for regeneration would greatly enhance degeneration, which is to say the least, tiring.

One more thing—once you hear yourself saying "I haven't got the time for exercise or a decent meal," etc., you've had it!

Stress got the better of you, and stress is a major degenerative factor.


More time is lost in arguments than anything else. The power of communication is vital to your success. It includes developing a rapport with people and being able to ...

... deliver your message without making somebody else wrong.

Remember from now on that the only reason that you get into an argument, is to prove yourself right and the other party wrong. This is a waste of energy, it is stressful and creates enemies, and it definitely does not give you what you want.

Step 7: FAITH

Finally faith. Without faith something is missing, the whole thing is kind of dead.

Faith comes into any of the former six steps. It is a deep power from within, that lets you know that "everything is all right, everything will be all right."

Remember that faith can shift mountains.

Lets have a bit of faith .... !


... this concludes the reproduction of this book as articles ...

...thank you for reading ....

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Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L.

Excerpt from a workshop & book - published 1993 - titled; "Do you believe in You"

www.usenature.com - Dieter Luske ©


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