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How to improve our overburdened Health Care System? ... long waiting lists, high costs and a limited budget causing a strain on our society.

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The Future of Medicine - Preventative DNA Check Ups

will GPs become obsolete? 

What is Natural Therapies Co-Regulation ?

Why would you visit a Naturopath?

Qualified Naturopaths are well equipped and have "scientific evidence" to boost overall health.

Holistic Policies

Have we arrived at a point in our History, where it is essential for politcal systems to change?

Weight and Diabetes Type 2

Stop the Epidemic

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under Attack ? Constant attacks on anything to do with Natural Therapies are nothing new. But lets be fair, I don't think our industry is an isolated case.
Stop eating processed food - A heart attack may seem sudden, but it will have needed many accumulative factors to cause it.
Brain Plasticity Concepts - Brain Plasticity, the missing link between Holistic Natural Therapies and The Medical System.
Do we need a Sugar Tax ? - Campaign for health giving food products.
A Medical Conspiracy? - Is it? - How come, that with such a tremendous progress in medical science and research we seem not to be any closer of "curing" anything?
How to Stop Smoking? Why is it, that even if we know that something is bad for us, we still keep doing it, what ever it is? Read more ... click Stop Smoking
What is Sex Addiction Counselling?
Stop Smoking Australia ... still not convinced?
Anti Ageing and Intermittent Fasting - It has been known for a long time that under eating slows down the ageing process ... the same and possible better can be achieved with Intermittent Fasting .. meaning not eating 1 day per week ( or similar) ... read more >> Anti Ageing Concepts
Naturopathy & the Scientific Evidence - A Naturopath is practicing active prevention, by "scientific evidence" based lifestyle modification to prevent diseases.
Resveratrol News - In a nut shell, scientist say that red wine can have health benefits, such as fighting cancer, Alzheimer's and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately, you would need to drink 100 glasses a day to get those benefits. The active anti-ageing compound which has these benefits is called Resveratrol.
Read more, click > Resveratrol
Energy Drinks Health Alarm - 'Don't mix caffeine and booze': Energy drinks heart alarm - read more, click > Energy Drinks
Should baby boys be circumcised? Personally, I am against circumcision for a number of reasons .. read more - click > Circumcised
Do we need Supplements? - Good question, and in an ideal world, I would say no, but considering we are not living in an ideal world I can list 3 distinct different reasons why taking specific supplements can be of support to healthy lifestyle. Read more ... click >> Health & Supplements
Are Earcandles dangerous?- read the information ... This type of treatment is very gentle and soothing, kids love it, and often fall asleep.
Is sugar addictive ? Eating to much Sugar?
Vitamin D Deficiency Pandemic in the Sunburned Country - Do you get enough Vitamin D ?
Guided Self Help Hypnosis CD's - Does it work?
Can Hypertension be cured? - Read the Research
Does Coconut Oil have Health Benefits ?
What are Allergies ? - ... and Hypersensitivities - Intolerance to food or substances.
Can Meditation change our World?
Prostate Health Option - Prostate Health and Men's Health
What is Supportive Communication? Communication is THE most important aspect of Human interaction. Communication has a direct impact on War - Peace - Religion - Ideologies - Politics - Relationship, and on all and everything.
Indoor Airpollution - Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) - Explanation & Recommendation
Reduce Chemicals in Your Home .... What are the Alternatives?
Best Article on Disposable Baby Nappies - by Jannine Barron
Bad Back - Is there anything more common than bad backs?
Accumulation of "Xenobiotics? ( foreign chemicals to our systems )  
I Ching and other Oracle Information - In the need of guidance?
Natural Hormone Products : Are natural hormone products better ?
Dr. Simon Cowap- What conventional and natural medicines have in common.
Cancer patients are increasingly turning to alternative therapies, but many are potentially dangerous, argue somepeople within the media ....
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