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Health Problem Symptoms are indications of which parts of your body need improvement.

Being overweight or simply carrying too much body fat is just another symptom, alerting you to do something about it.

Once symptoms are acknowledge and seen as a possible health issue, motivation to do something about it should be high.

The best way to be successful with weight loss treatment is to have a holistic approach. Not only can excess weight be caused by many different body system factors, but it also needs to address a multitude of physical and mental approaches.

We all know that drastic food (calory) reduction will make you lose weight, but it also means you may lose your health.

Be patient with yourself, find out and understand as much about yourself as possible. As more you know, as easier it will be to lose that weight and even more important to keep it off.

Are you confused about all the different diets and methods of losing weight? No wonder, different practitioners may have different ideas, and sometimes, unfortunately, the weight loss industry is more interested in marketing and making money than lasting results.

Here are a few warning signs:

  1. If it sounds too good, it probably will not be good at all.

  2. Promising to lose weight and eat your cake, may not work either.

  3. Promises like, "Lose 6kg in one week", yes sure, that is possible, but it will be mainly fluid, not fat burning, which takes longer.

  4. Strange sounding diets promising the world, are probably best avoided.

  5. Remember, you can't be on a strict weightloss diet forever .. educate yourself about your fall back diet first, before you embark on somehting super strict.

I could go on, but I think you get the point, to achieve weight loss, tricks are useless, lifestyle and attitude change are everything. If you simply don't want to give up your unhealthy food, or you simply don't want to move, or you believe you don't need to change anything, than I can make a promise as well; nothing will happen, you will not lose weight, and most likely will gain even more.

12 articles about how to achieve lifestyle change, lose weight and keep it off.

Note: This weight loss program is a holistic program, meaning it recognises, that a single approach is not likely to work.

  1. Holistic Weight Loss
    Please see your weight loss goal as an exciting journey, and reaching the goal as a start to a new you and an even more exciting journey.

  2. Weight Loss Lifestyle Change
    Embrace change – without it, nothing ever happens…
    Lets talk about change, starting with a question; “What stops you from losing weight”?

  3. Massive Weight Loss
    A story of “unintentional Healthy and sustainable massive weight loss”.

  4. Eating Habits
    … or, why do you eat what you eat? Are we all sucked in, falling for the ploy that advertised food and drinks are desirable to have?

  5. Food addiction
    Important question: "What are the 6 most likely foods /drinks you never could give up"?

  6. Weight loss Strategies
    Your 'Mind' is amazing, if you are overweight, your mind has been proven successful. It has provided you with tools to convince yourself that you needed to eat more than you should have.

  7. Weight loss Techniques - Mind Tools
    Even so, aversion therapy is not recommended, there is nothing wrong with applying a bit of selective aversion to food items, which are unhealthy and unhelpful.

  8. Weight loss mind changing techniques
    Put this next statement on your fridge door: “The only failure is the failure to participate”.

  9. Weight loss Journal
    ... why writing a journal is therapeutic.

  10. Who is responsible for your weight gain?
    Have you figured out yet, why you gained more weight than you wanted to?

  11. Your personal lifestyle diet?
    It’s time to start developing your personalized lifestyle diet, and who better to do that, than yourself!

  12. Lifestyle Diet ( Diet outline)
    The most important Diet, is your "Fall Back Diet", the one to stick to.

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Compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast - Brisbane

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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