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Being overweight is just a symptom alerting you to do something about it.

The ultimate goal is not to lose weight, but to gain health!

Are you confused about all the different diets and methods of losing weight?

Here are 5 warning signals:

  1. If it sounds too good, it probably will not be good at all.

  2. Promising to lose weight and eat your cake, may not work either.

  3. Promises like, "Lose 6kg in one week", will be mainly fluid, not fat burning that takes longer.

  4. Strange sounding diets promising the world, are probably best avoided.

  5. Remember, you can't be on a strict weightloss diet forever .. educate yourself about a balanced healthy fall back diet.

To achieve weight loss, tricks are useless, lifestyle and attitude change are everything.

FEATURED ARTICLE:   “A story of “unintentional massive weight loss

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Even so, aversion therapy is not recommended, there is nothing wrong with applying a bit of selective aversion to food items, which are unhealthy and unhelpful.
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The most important Diet, is your "Balanced Fall Back Diet", the one to stick to.
... more to come .. any questions ?
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