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Apple Diet ?

Why do You eat what You eat?

Are you on a Diet? Interestingly enough, that may have nothing to do with you having to go on some kind of "strange eating behaviour".

Diet has something to do with Awareness and Attitudes.

... read more

Brain Plasticity


Dieter Luske ND, DCH

The key to brain plasticity therapy concepts, is the research of what and how to apply the "therapy stimuli" for the brain to change in order to heal a problem.
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Cancer Support - Transform


by Belle McCaleb ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, RYT :

Cancer Support
Regaining your health after chemotherapy
Antioxidant repletion & inflammation reduction.
It is important to act proactively to restore health to optimal levels. - Part 4 - ... read more

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Open Art Studio - Paintings

Open Art Studio

12. & 13. Dec. 10am to 5pm
Christmas Stockroom Sale

at the Home of useNature
Gold Coast Hinterland
Join us for a Holistic Chat
Over 100 paintings under $100
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Holistic Creative Art Marketing

8 steps for Holistic Creative Art Marketing
... by Dieter Luske - Editor
To get noticed as an Artist you will need definition,
just handing your work to the world is a shotgun approach,
which is not the way to get noticed or recognized.
Read more ....

Speech & Voice Coaching

Speech & Voice Coaching
Tuition in effective communication and voice production, for business and academic presentations.
Practitioners and Workshop Facilitators Speech Training.
Read more about of Speech Coaching

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