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Relationship Counselling

The Dark Lover Our Greatest Lover

by Gay Landeta

A challenging relationship the greatest gift? Really? YES! Read on… the search for a soul mate is well known… but Soul mates come in all shapes and sizes and are not always the perfect match.
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Essential Oils

The good oil …

by Dr. Ela Gold

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and not just for their smell. The Ebers Papyrus documents show that the Egyptians used frankincense and other aromatics to treat a variety of different ailments... read more

Anti Ageing Introduction

Anti Ageing Introduction

by Ram Desikan

The yogis of ancient India knew and practiced the secrets of anti-aging, but never had they been revealed to the world. Today, science and spirituality are coming together: mitochondria and kundalini.....
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Cancer Column
...regular new support articles

by Belle McCaleb ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, RYT :

Colon Cancer Risk Reduction ...
... lower your risk for colon cancer or its recurrence with diet now!
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Positive Affirmation - Balloons rising

Positive Affirmations App

Making positive changes in your life by using powerful, positive affirmations.. Positive Affirmations App with 67 life situations/processes.. more details

Drug Free Pain Relief and to Build Muscles

TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Neural Stimulation ... and EMS Electrical Muscle Stimulation Machine... for both acute and chronic conditions
more details

Dorn Method Training

A two-day Certification Course: Sydney Aug-17-18th (level 1 and Adv) | Melbourne (Adv only) Aug 24 -25th | Technique for re-aligment of joints, spine and hips...
more info

Alexander Technique workshops

Free introductory Alexander Technique workshops

Improve posture awareness, recover from persistent pain, stress and injury by discovering how you can do everything with more ease. ... read more

Alchemix Recording Studios

Alchemix - Brisbane
Recording Studios

Sound Production

Voice over recording
CD production for Counselling, Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP,
Weight reduction
Meditation, Relaxation
Music & Scrips

New Age Music CD's


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