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A Stellar Green Event

by Greg Howell

This event aimed to achieve a high level of sustainability and ethical standards which was reached thanks to much input by the many.
Check the points which still can be improved >>
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Christmas Flirtations and Relationships

by Christopher Swane

Inappropriate flirtations can often occur when we have had one too many drinks. Christmas and the New Year is a time when there are many office parties and social gatherings >
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Oat and Walnut Cookies Recipe

Sugar Free Recipes

by David MacKinnon

Discover the natural goodness of natural sugars that are fast becoming a part of our daily life and from which delicious, healthy products have been made for the enjoyment of the entire family. … read more

Cancer Support - Transform


by Belle McCaleb ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, RYT :

Cancer – Proof Your Life!
Cancer is a complex condition with complex causes – many variables coming together in a particular way lead to cancer.
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Yoga Alliance Australia International Organisation

Yoga Alliance Australia

International Yoga Organisation for the registration of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools - Become a registered Yoga Teacher or School

Yoga Directory

Oils of Ayurveda is up for sale

Oils of Ayurveda is up for sale!

Great opportunity with enormous untapped potential to increase local and online sales.
Please contact Victoria
0404 012 821

For further details or to check out the business, see our web-site:

Study from Home

Luna Holistics are pleased to offer Accredited Holistic, Alternative and Spiritual Courses - Start your new career today.
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How to make a Meditation or Hypnosis type Guidance CD

Step by Step Guide

Whether you are a hypnotist, counseller or other spoken word practitioner, this is a comprehensive guide on how toget it righ the first time.
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