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FEAR: Friend or Foe?

by Mark Pasley

Have you ever sat through a presentation or workshop and been delivered the old chestnut, “F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real?” I have heard this many times and have always thought it a load of nonsense.
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The 7 tips to overcome anxiety

by Adam Szmerling

Anxiety is on the rise. Just watch the news. But you don’t need to be in a warzone to get anxious. 14% of Australians suffer with an anxiety ‘disorder’. This also means big business for pharmaceutical companies.
... read more

Anti Ageing Introduction

Are Roles Holding You Back?

by Gay Landeta

We each have many roles, but these often create conflict and frustration. We may become exhausted rushing around, for example, as parent, corporate lawyer, yoga student, cook, money manager and daughter … read more


Cancer Column
...regular new support articles

by Belle McCaleb ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, RYT :

Yoga for Cancer ? Why You should try it!!
... that yoga is beneficial for cancer patients under treatment is without a doubt
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Positive Affirmation - Balloons rising

Positive Affirmations App

Making positive changes in your life by using powerful, positive affirmations.. Positive Affirmations App with 67 life situations/processes.. more details

French Vintage Stamp Love Oracle

This oracle deck system has been created to answer important questions close to the heart. Love is a universal force, creating hope , faith, and sadly heartache at times .... more details

Public Conversation Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Are you stressed, anxious or depressed – or know someone who is - but hesitate to seek help because you do not want to be labelled dysfunctional or mentally ill?...
more info

Alexander Technique workshops

Free introductory Alexander Technique workshops

Improve posture awareness, recover from persistent pain, stress and injury by discovering how you can do everything with more ease. ... read more

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