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Feng Shui

Feng Shui Case Study

by Trish Kershaw

The subtle energies of our environment impinge not only on the physical body but also on the etheric body. Chronic and severe distubances on a subtle level can be the cause of illness.
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Calcium Sources

Calcium Sources

by Amanda Henham

While there are a number of excellent sources of calcium, the main one that comes to mind is DAIRY food. Here, I will list all the other AMAZING foods that are rich in this nutrient and it's benefits.
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Secret Garden

by Jill Mattson

An invisible bouquet of vibrations! .... Plants respond to music, growing better while listening to classical music, but how does sound change the physicality of the plant? 

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Cancer Support - Transform


by Belle McCaleb ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, RYT :

Surviving Cancer Survival
A key area many people struggle with is making the transition away from ongoing medical treatment.
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Yoga Alliance Australia International Organisation

Yoga Alliance Australia

International Yoga Organisation for the registration of Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools - Become a registered Yoga Teacher or School

Yoga Directory

Global Weight Management Congress

Promotion of a holistic approach to weight loss management, latest research into the epidemiology of obesity, treatments and preventative strategies.
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Coffee Table Book  by Giselle

Giselle's Coffee Table Book - Blended For Intensive Flavour ... A collection of curiously artful paintings, skillfully intermixed with smithereens of subterranean poetry, enhanced with quirkiness. - Hard Cover - 60 pages - premium brilliant high gloss photo quality.
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How to make a Meditation or Hypnosis type Guidance CD

Step by Step Guide

Whether you are a hypnotist, counseller or other spoken word practitioner, this is a comprehensive guide on how toget it righ the first time.
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