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Those who love natural medicine, and our rights to choose the forms of healthcare we want to use, see an immediate need to defend our rights which are under threat.

The Health Australia Party (HAP) was formed in part to squarely address those concerns. It is run by volunteers, has no corporate funding, doesn’t have an army of volunteers on election day, has had its Facebook page attacked, has had its website go down twice in the one day, has been attacked in the mainstream media, had no TV coverage, very little radio, no accurate reporting in the press, and very little effective support from Associations or suppliers. They have no sweetheart deals with major political parties.

Yet in the last 2 weeks something has happened - the HAP is receiving massive support right across social media showing that over half a million Australians are engaged and talking about its policies and the need for a Party like this.

Will people power cause a massive upset for the first time in Australian politics and bring into Parliament people who are committed to defend natural medicine? We can make it happen.

Please become part of a change that no one thought possible - support the HAP with their first preference in the Senate in NSW, Vic, Qld and WA. .. and let everyone else know .. thank you ..

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Party Health Australia Party

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Health Australia Party

A vote for; Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Enviromment, Healthy Democracy, Healthy Society.
... is a Vote for the "Health Australia Party - HAP"

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It could be a good diet, or a junk food, soft drink and chips diet. But importantly, be aware; "You are on a Diet already". Whatever you eat now, for whatever reason, that's your Diet. - Read more >

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Can Art help the Mind?

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What is Brain Plasticity?

Brain Plasticity is a term used to explain the now well recognised capabilities of the brain to change (plasticity) in reaction to body or mental stimuli.
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Mind Management
Effetcive tranformational,
yet simple mind changing techniques, starting with the awareness of:
"If you do what you always do, you get what you always get!" - Do you like to get what you always get?
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