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Art Therapy can help!

Art and creativity in general have a positive influence on our whole system.
Clear evidence is demonstrated everyday, within hospitals, clinics and any health care facility, that access to art is beneficial for well being and therefore a welcome adjunct to traditional therapies. ...
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Brain Plasticity

Brain Plasticity

Dieter Luske ND, DCH

The key to brain plasticity therapy concepts, is the research of what and how to apply the "therapy stimuli" for the brain to change in order to heal a problem.

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Cancer Support - Transform

Cancer Support:

by Belle McCaleb
Regaining your health after chemotherapy - Part 5

Heavy Metals & Other Environmental Toxins
It is important to act proactively to restore health to optimal levels. - Part 5 -

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Open Art Studio - Paintings

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Open Art Studio & Office
at the Home of useNature
Gold Coast Hinterland

For Art Classes:

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Over 100 paintings under $100
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Health Australia Party

Protect Natural Medicine

Gaining representation on the floor of the Senate for accurately and fairly at a Federal level.

The "Health Australia Party - HAP", is going to do everything they can to ensure this representation happens.

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