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World Health Organisation's Constitution:
“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

"Naturopaths are the experts at working for complete well-being" - holistic health listings & articles with integrity since 1999

useNature - Directory Listings for qualified Natural Therapy Practitioners

Are you a Qualified Practitioner? - or - Toxic FREE Product ?

Who is able to apply for a listing?

All Holistic Natural Therapists, Counsellers/Psychologists, Associations, Colleges, Toxic Free, Green & Holistic Products.

To get your "credentials" certified, you will need:

  1. Copies of qualification. - eg; Diplomas which you like to be listed for.
  2. Copies of Memberships in recognised Associations.

CERTIFIED QUALIFIED - HHCP - Holistic Health Care PractitionerWhy Practitioner Certification?

Inspiring Patient Confidence & Recognition of Your commitment to practice by the "Code of Ethics". Click Certification Guidelines

useNature has implemented a low cost Practitioner Registration Directory for Qualififed Practitioners.

Our mission is to raise awareness for Qualified Natural Therapists - Holistic Health Care Practitioners™ and Toxic FREE Products

Please select your most appropriate Listing ...

$ 7.50 Standard Listing

Text plus website link listing

Suitable for single modality "beginner" practitioners or natural products.
Listing is shown in 2 categories
Simple Profile page with Image & Google Map
Article Submit Function

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$38.00 Profile Listing

Large Logo or Image Listings

Suitable for a 1 to 3 modality practitioners or natural products.
Listing in 3 categories, above standard listings.
Customisable Profile page with Image & Google Map
Unlimited Article Submit Function

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$55 Expert Profile Listing

Large top of page Listings

Suitable for "Multi Modality" practitioners or natural products.
Top position Listing in 12 categories
Customisable Profile page with Image & Google Map
Unlimited Article Submit Function

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NOTE: Free Text only listings are available, however as part of the validation and spam control process, a $3.00 yearly fee applies.
1.step: Apply here - 2.step: PayPal.Me/UseNature/3 - 3.step - Contact Admin for account activation.

Benefits of being registered - certified and listed with useNature:

  1. Certified Listings with useNature gives you certification as a trusted and "Qualified Practitioner" or Product provider.
    Your Profile Page is a "One Stop Profile" for all your credential details of "Practitioner or Product Authenticity".

  2. Your listing account includes Article submit functions. Your Articles will be Featured For FREE on our Home page, bi-monthly newsletter (14000 subscribers) , and on Please "like" us. :-)

  3. Easy to use "Dashboard": Manage your own listing & pages, or let us add text, images or pages for you.

  4. useNatures offers a FREE service for member practitioners, to have their web-sites checked for unintentional code violations, or "Possible reasons for complaints"

useNature's Certified Member Recommendation:

  1. Add the "useNature's CERTIFIED QUALIFIED Logo" to your profile page and your web-site.

  2. All our members abide by our Code of Ethics. Add a "Code of Ethics" to your web-site. Find a copy here > Code of Conduct

  3. Post on Friends of Holistic Health - facebook group

Remember..... Natural Therapy Practitioners provide what Medical Practitioners can't supply, Prevention and Drugless Individual Health Care options. 

Need assistance?

Please contact Dieter L. - E-mail - I am a Holistic Naturopath/Counseller/Author/Editor, and I will be able to support you to apply for useNature's certification process.

Application Steps to Certify your Qualification

  1. Certified Listing Options.

  2. Certification Guidelines

  3. Adhere to this Code of Ethics

How to set up a Certified Listing Profile? - click > Profile Guidelines

How to submit Articles? - click > Article Guidelines

Sample - Certified Expert Listing:

useNature Directroy - Sample Expert Listing

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