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Reflexology - Part 6 - Reflexology Treatment Reaction


Reflexology - Foot Reflex Massage


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Part 6 - Reflexology Treatment Reaction


Treatment Reaction


If a patient reacts to your treatment, by breaking out in a sweat, or with too much pain, or is getting nervous, use the Reflexology FIRST AID TREATMENT:
(only in regards to a reflexology treatment - not a general first aid treatment)


Press Solar Plexus while patient is breathing in,
Release, while patient is breathing out.


Works well, esp. with sensitive patients.


Reflexology is aimed at restoring body balance. This is achieved by stimulating the reflex points to cause a REACTION in the corresponding body parts.

These reactions will improve circulation, nerve function and relaxation and therefore will enhance body function and overall balance.


Reactions are answers to a good treatment!


Reaction During Treatment:

Patient is experiencing sudden outbreak of hand sweat, - keep treating, but slower.
Body sweat or sweat on specific body parts, like old scars, - keep on treating, but slower, use relaxation techniques.

Sudden feeling of coldness, starting in the extremities..

IMPORTANT > treatment was too harsh, apply "Reflexology" first aid!

Sudden shivering fit, very seldom, - again, apply first aid.


First Aid: Solar Plexus - Heart - Pituitary; sedate!!



Reaction Inbetween Treatment Consultations:

All reaction can be seen as HEALING REACTION, even if the reaction seem to be unpleasant.
  • Patient is more relaxed, sleeps better and shows more energy.

  • The skin is activated, excretion of smelly sweat, blackheads and rashes may appear.

  • The kidneys are activated, heavy smelly urine or more frequent urination.

  • Bowel movements increase or regulate.

  • Mucus discharge from sinuses and throat.

  • Fever or hot flushes for short periods of time.

  • Teeth or old scars become painful.

  • Past dis-eases, may be reactivated and stimulated to heal completely.

As a responsible practitioner you will advise your patient and follow up with appropriate treatment. If you feel not confident at any time, advise patient to see a Doctor or an experienced Natural Practitioner.


Reflexology is never harmful, but it will stimulate the body to activate its own healing powers.


Healing is always accompanied with some kind of reaction. Common sense will tell you, that with a harsh reaction, treatment should slow down, to give the body a chance to find its own balance.


I strongly advise all patients, that in order to heal, lifestyle changes, such as Diet, Exercise, Relaxation and Positive Attitude, will help the process of healing!


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