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What is Ear Candling?

Ear Candling (Hopi) - Therapies

Information provided by Dieter L. - useNature - Editor

Most Naturopaths use Ear Candling

About Ear Candles and Ear Candling

Earwax is formed as a natural process to expel irritants such as dust – bacteria – moisture etc.

The ear has a self-cleaning system that naturally removes earwax, however excess earwax may accumulate and quickly block the outer ear.

Earwax is often formed because of an environmental factors or allergies, hypersensitivity responses.

Swimmers may also have a pronounced earwax production resulting in Swimmer's ear, an infection or inflammation of the canal between the eardrum and the outer ear.


Ear candling

(self treatment not recommended)

Ear candling requires the use of ear candles. They are made of cotton or linen that's wound into a tube shape, soaked in preferable “beeswax”, and then allowed to harden. Scented candles are available.

This hollow candle is carefully inserted into the external ear canal, making sure of a good seal between the candle and outer ear. (Vacuum)

Note: A filter will prevent wax from flowing into the ear.

Care has to be taken to prevent ash from falling down. Practitioners use a guard around the candle to collect ash and therefore stopping the ash from causing any harm.

The candle is lit at the opposite end, and before inserting, is primed by closing off the other end for a few seconds.

This creates a low-level vacuum that draws earwax and other debris out of the ear and into the hollow candle. The excess ear wax is usually left in the stub of the candle. This type of treatment is very gentle and soothing, kids love it, and often fall asleep.

Some people seem not to believe in it, but anyone who had the treatment swears by it.

Musician love it, as it improves their hearing esp the high notes.

The process may be more involved and beneficial than just vacuuming out earwax.

Even people who had no visible earwax in their outer ears, but had a sensation of a blocked ear, often noticed a benefit. The gentle heat in combination with a light vacuum may have an "osmotic effect", drawing out or establishing natural flow of wax from the inner ear to the outer ear.

Therefore, even so the external ear canal is not continuous with the middle ear or sinuses when the eardrum is intact, wax/mucous accumulation from the ear and sinuses may be drawn into the outer ear..

Evidence is provided by clients, who report of better hearing esp after a cold or flu, even so the outer ear was free of wax.

NOTE: There are some potential risks involving in ear candling, esp if candling is not done by a trained practitioner:

Obviously, care has to be taken not to burn the ear, skin or hair from the hot wax or the open flame, as mentioned, a plate like guard around the candle offers extra securtiy. A glass of water and a wet towel should be alwasy at hand.

Only proper ear candles should be used to avoid possible blocking of the ear canal due to wax dripping into the ear.

Biosun Ear Candles are well kown for their quality and safety.

If you consider ear candling, please have it done by a practitioner.

Information provided by the editor of Use Nature, Dieter Luske

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