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Article: Lifestyle Choice - Goal Setting & Purpose


Article extracted from a workshop manual & book called:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU - by Dieter LuskeĀ© - Gold Coast

... all following articles, are written as workshop manuscript
... questions were asked to stimulate active participation.

ARTICLE NUMBER - 28 - Chapter Three

Goal Setting & Purpose


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We have already established the goal setting rules, but to get you into the right mood we need to do more than that. Although we have worked with our belief systems already, we still may have some subconscious mental blocks or restricted belief system, which we are not fully aware of, or which we don't see as restricting our future goals.

One of these restricted belief systems is ready to be taken away right now, whereas others will be used to look at goals with added distinctions.
So, here is the first one:

    (Let's check that principe out now).
    If you know and also totally believe that you could actually never fail,

Remember the question:

Ask yourself this question a few times. You will use it hereafter again and again, but always in different circumstances. Not to fail means you will be a success, therefore as long as you participate you will be a success.

So, the next question is:

  • If you were absolutely certain of success, what activities would you pursue?
    What action would you take?
    (In other words; what would you do, that you don't do now?)

Take some time right now to answer both questions. You may argue that they are both the same, nevertheless, they have the ability to trigger two different feelings, which can stimulate two different answers.

Let's concentrate on success. We know now that we will not be failures, and therefore we will work to the opposite, which is success.
We will now repeat one technique that we learned before.
Here is the chance to use it once again. The technique is the anchoring technique and it would be a good idea to record it, as a form of your personal relaxation script.

Work it out again with some of your own words and music.

This specific one we will call ANCHORING FOR SUCCESS!

Allow yourself to relax ..... give your body permission to relax......and as you sit there....... listening to what I tell you..... you may wonder what part of your body will relax first....... and you are aware of parts of your body...... .starting to feel comfortable, as you allow yourself to relax more and more, deeper and deeper .... comfortably and becoming relaxed ..... shifting your awareness now to all parts of your body which may still feel tense and taking a deep breath in, yes that's right good and breathing out, releasing all stacked up tension and now an even deeper breath in, in, in, hold it, take hold of the rest of your tension and breathing out, letting it all go.

That's good, good, give any part of your body still tense the permission to be as relaxed as the rest of your body. Fine, feeling really good right now knowing that you are safe and secure in your present situation deeply relaxed but always hearing my voice.

Now, in your own time, let yourself drift back into your past to an especially successful feeling a really successful event in your life, somewhere in your life as far back or as recent as you like, but definitely successful....

Find yourself that precious moment in your life and you may have more successful experiences. Just go there, be there.... If you see yourself at this moment then step into yourself. ... look around you, ... what do you see ... what do you hear. ... and what do you feel .. feel the success all over again, it is yours, feel it and see everything bright and colourful and if other people are with you, ... what do they say ... are they proud of you ... just let everything react on you..... you are there now and as you see and hear and maybe even smell your successful moment you can feel it deeply all over again...

and now when you are ready when you are at the peak of your successful feeling make a fist, yes, yes , press your fist, yes that feels good, total success, it is yours to keep... keep your fist pressed and open your eyes and carry this feeling with you into the here and now, yes, this is yours, keep it, nobody ever can take this away from you.... you are a successful person, and any time you need to feel successful you can squeeze your fist and trigger this successful feeling, and you know that you can do it.

Now, being programmed for success, let's get on with it.

Before you have success or find a goal in the external world, it must first happen in the internal world, (meaning inside you). You have done this now with some positive beliefs, you know now that success is possible, and that it can and will happen. Don't wait for it and 'hope' it will happen, or you will wait your life away.

By knowing, anticipating and working with it, will it happen.

The key word here is Action through Anticipation.

There is something rather amazing about what happens when you get a clear internal representation of what you want. It programmes your mind and body to achieve that goal. To go beyond our present limitations, we must first experience being more in our minds and the rest will then follow suit.

You are now starting to create yourself a new life, the way you really want it. You will create and design your future life in your mind, then you will go out and put your thoughts into action.

Why is what we are doing here different from what you have done before?

If you haven't made similar steps to design your life before, then you had no real choice. Now that you simply have more choices, the choice you make is always up to you. You may continue doing what you have done before, and therefore getting what you had before.

Alternatively, if you make a different choice right now, even at this moment, you will have a different outcome tomorrow.

Remember when we talked about the default response? - Always responding the same way, having (as it seems) no choice?

The choice is yours. Act now, by refusing to do the same old thing over and over again and do something different. This difference is planning and creatively and designing your life without those previous limitations.

Are you ready? - If so, then don't tell yourself: "I don't know what I can do in the future," as this is a limiting belief.

Tell yourself: "I am ready now to create and design my life."

Internalising this idea will open up pathways to new ideas and goals. These new ideas and goals will 'float to the surface' for you to see and to pick from.

There are no bad ideas! Any idea will in itself create a new idea. To create something, you actually have to do something. Just sitting in front of an empty piece of paper is not enough. Write something down—anything. This will give a message to your brain that you are ready and more ideas will follow. Once you start writing, even if it feels to you a bad idea, this bad idea may be the starting point for a new idea, so put everything down.


Get ready right now, take a clean sheet of paper and a pen, and begin writing. The secret is to keep writing without a time limitation, don't stop, just keep writing. Make sure you will not be interrupted. Just write down everything, no limits, don't worry how you will achieve your goal, you can define that later.
Without delays, go through one question after the other, don't think about any single question too long either. Just put down what comes into your mind. Give your subconscious mind a chance. - Remember the saying, "where there is a will, there is a way!"

Take as long as you need to put together a broad sampling of outcomes having to do with work; family; relationships; mental; emotional; social; material and physical states; health; fitness; appearance; housing; pleasure; politics; career; life style; finances; anything in connection with your life on this planet (or go even further in this universe).

To make it easy on you we will start with three questions, (remember questions are good in one way, as you can respond, but questions are always limiting).

  1. QUESTION: what are some of the most important tasks, personal, inter-personal, occupational, professional, physical (sport, endurance), spiritual, you would like to accomplish in your lifetime?

  2. QUESTION: what kind of desires do you have that you would make absolutely sure of experiencing at least once in your life time?
    Examples: climbing Mt. Everest; travelling to a certain country; having children; being a millionaire; changing the prison system; really anything which is of vital importance to you, but maybe you felt was too far fetched before.

  3. QUESTION: what ventures, undertakings and activities are vital and significant enough to be worth doing now and in the future?

Your answers to the above questions will lead to more questions and therefore more answers.

Having identified some of your goals, priorities and things you would like to do, ask yourself to which degree you believe you can continue, or will achieve in each one of them.

If you have got a goal and you believe you can't achieve that, simply ask yourself the question: "WHAT STOPS ME"?

Next, we will ask questions to the above answers, questions of distinctions:.

... to be continued . next >> Goal Setting - Questions of Distinctions

Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L.

Excerpt from a workshop & book - published 1993 - titled; "Do you believe in You"

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