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What is a Wellness Centre?

Wellness is an all encompassing factor in everyone's lifestyle. Without wellness everything else becomes a struggle. Wellness is a truly Holistic Health Concept.

Wellness is more than just healthy. Healthy esp.; in the eyes of a medical practitioner seems to be just the mere absent of symptoms, whereas wellness is defined as physical, mental and spiritual well being, actually meaning really feeling good all over :-).

To seek wellness means to do something active in the pursuit of it. We all know of prevention, but wellness takes that one step further, it is aiming of not only prevent a future illness or chronic diseases, but purposely add something to enhance your health and wellness.

Wellness is a lifestyle choice.

To gain true wellness, one would consume mainly food items which would cause no harm, like processed and refined type foods. In addition one would include food which has known beneficial activities, sometimes called super foods.

Wellness wouldn't stop there, wellness being a holistic active state, would include measures to live a happy and stress free life, such as learning to relax, to meditate to have a positive regenerative attitude and to have made peace with your self. Actively balancing your lifestyle between meaningful work activities, sport, fun, holidays, creativity and art activities and happy relationships will all be part of it.

A holistic wellness clinic or practitioner is well equiped to coach all appropriate steps to achieve wellness goals.

It can start with getting regular massage treatments, to prevent muscle and joint problems as well as de-stress you, and in addition massage can add to your wellness, by increasing healthy circulation, muscle tone, skin integrity and more.

Obviously if you have sore muscles or stress and a joint problem, that will be treated as well.

Most Holistic Wellness Practitioners are multi treatment modality Naturopaths, or Integrative Medicine Practitioners.

An initial consultation would involve taking a thorough medical history, a possible physical examination, possible tests and discussing your problems as well as your goals, and finally defining an individual wellness plan.

Seek wellness by becoming healthy first, and continue with your individual wellness plan.

General Information

Holistic Natural Therapy or just Natural Therapy are just "General terms", not treatment modalities.

Holistic refers to the concept of seeing the physical - mental and spiritual body as one. The name Holistic means whole. Most categories within the Natural Therapy field have an underlying philosophy of treating holistically, meaning treating the whole person, not just a part of it. This is contrary to the medical system which treats symptoms and the individual parts of a whole being in isolation.

Claudette Wadsworth - Naturopath - Bondi - SydneyClaudette Wadsworth - Bondi Junction - NSW

Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Natural Fertility Specialist, ThetaHealing Practitioner.
Claudette can teach, support and inspire you to improve the quality of your health through the quality of your living. Claudette consults women and men of all ages, specialising in hormonal health and fertility. -
Claudette creates individually tailored health programs that are realistic, manageable and effective.

What is Naturopathy?

There have always been people who understood that healing will occur naturally in the human body, if it is given what it truly needs, which is:

proper diet, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and rest, and a "natural" environment to foster the building of a well balanced immune system.

Drugs are not promoting health, most drugs are maintenance treatment, meaning once you have been diagnosed with a condition you may have to take drugs for the rest of your life. Therefore, Naturopath, next to their original aim to promote promote health and prevent diseases, have also taken on the goal of helping to eliminate, if possible, drug side effects and furthermore develop natural treatments to counteract the harmful effects of living within our modern, but as part of that, toxic and often over-hygienic society.

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Sydney History - Pictures:

Sydney - 1982 .. there must be a wellness centre somewhere ?

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Sydney Harbour - 1982


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