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Prostate Health Exercise

Article by ... the editor of Use Nature, Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Holistic Therapy Consultant - Gold Coast - Canungra

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Exercises for a Healthy Prostate

A number of exercises can be performed on a regular basis to support prostate health.

These exercises work on 5 basic principles.

  1. Blood and Lymph Circulation - stimulate circulation to the pelvic floor for better blood supply, but also for the removal of toxicity by stimulating the lymphatic circulation.

  2. Facilitating efficient nerve support -   soothing nerve endings - eliminating possible nerve entrapment - unblocking nerve supply.

  3. Stretching and toning muscles - if you can't bend down and touch your toes easily with stretch out legs, you will have overly tight leg and pelvic muscles. Pain coming from those muscles may mimic prostate type pain. Tight muscles will negatively influence blood and lymph circulation.

  4. Energy -  as in Meridians - Chi and Chakras -

  5. Reflex Points - as in applying pressure to one part of your body to get response on another, for the purposes of:
    healing - stimulating or sedating.

Reflex points associated with the Prostate, as in Reflexology - Acupressure, to learn more click > Learn Reflexology Free

The following exercises will touch on all above points.

We recommend, regular exercise, stretching and esp. walking, either real walking or on a treadmill.

NOTE: What ever you do, don't bicycle, it can bring on prostate problems.

Sitting in general can bring on prostate problems, if you sit a lot, try to buy or make yourself a pillow which is not causing pressure around your prostate, ( Donut Pillow) - or use a stand up desk.

Kegel Exercise:

One well know exercise to improve circulation, as well as muscle function is the "Kegel Exercise":

Kegel exercises are performed by tightening all the muscles around the scrotum and anus,  as if you were going to stop urinating. Repeat this tightening and holding of the muscles 10 times. Try doing this “invisible” exercise 3-5 times daily, while walking - sitting - driving -  reading, etc.. It  will improve blood flow to the prostate and urogenital tissues, as well as toning muscles.

Yoga for Natural Prostate Health - as well as a practice to facilitate better health.

Note: We always recommend to find a yoga teacher in our area for close supervision.

Yoga postures (asanas) stretch, massage and strengthen many of the internal organs and glands, and helps to  bring vigor and balance to your whole system. When you consider the additional stress-relieving qualities of yoga and meditation then this amounts to a powerful package to allow your body to begin to heal itself.
Anyone with a prostate condition can achieve a boost in quality of life, mood and stress relieve with regular yoga practice. 

Many yoga postures are specifically targeting the prostate.
Poses which are particularly recommended for prostate problems are:

Supported Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana)

A supported shoulderstand  is performed with a blanket  under the shoulders.

Supports  blood circulation to the brain, helps to  reduce stress and produces states of calm, good for your mood.
The thymus gland is stimulated which in turn boosts the immune system.
Because pressure is relieved from the pelvic, it is very beneficial for Prostate problems, some people have reported immediate relief. May need to be practiced a few times during the day.
Start this position very slowly and only for a short time to get used to the blood flowing to your head.

Lie on your mat, feet together and with your arms by your sides, palms down.
Bring your legs up so they are pointing to the sky.
Hold this position and breathe deeply and evenly 5 times, ensuring the chin is pressing against the chest.
Relax after 5 breath by bending your knees, before resuming the posture.

Reclined Big Toe Pose - Supta Padangustasana

Stretches the hamstrings and calves, benefits pelvic floor congestions and circulation,  can help reduce back pain.
Lay on your back with the legs outstretched.
Bend the right knee and pull gently to your chest.
Place a strap, belt or tie  around the the right foot. Hold the ends of the strap with each hand.
Straighten the right leg up toward the ceiling while holding tightly to the strap.
Stretch the right leg upwards with the foot flexed, and keep pelvic equally pressing into the floor.
Keep the left foot flexed and the left leg straight on the floor.
Hold for 5 to 10 breaths and change legs...


Badda Konasana  - Cobbler's pose

Cobbler's poseBenefits:
The static version of this position is opening up your pelvic floor to wards better circulation, relieving constrictions and  tight muscles upper leg and pelvic muscles. This pose is used as a therapeutic pose for helping with impotency, prostate problems, infections of the urinary system for both men and women and its beneficial for women with menstrual problems as well as a practicing  pose a few months into the pregnancy, helps in having  less labor pain and an easier birth.
You sit forming a triangle with the buttocks and your two knees. This pose helps brings awareness to the groin area thus benefiting the organs in that region.
For advanced yoga practitioners, you can extend this position by bending forward.
Picture supplied by >

Sit on the floor with both the soles of your feet joined together and hands clasping the feet.
Try to bring the feet as much near to the body as possible. Try to keep the spine straight. Press the thighs with the elbows. This will increase the strength of the lower back.
Support yourself with some padding to sit on if necessary, it's easier that way ..
Hold this position for for 5 to 10 breaths   

A simpler variation of this pose can be done before going to sleep.  Lie down on the bed ( don't sit up) and join the feet with each other and bring them as much closer to the groin as possible. After practicing for few minutes you can straighten the legs and go to sleep.

Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Shvanasana)

The pose is commonly called Downward Facing Dog, or Dog Pose.
The idea in this pose is to form a triangular, pyramidal shape.
You'll look like a dog stretching after a nap.

Strengthen and build your nervous system. Develops the nerves throughout your entire body, with extra focus on the arms, legs and spine. Promotes flexibility in the hamstrings, cavles, forearms and shoulders. Overall body stretch, removes fatigue, and rejuvenates body. Lengthens spine, rejuvenates discs.  Increases circulation to brain.
Bend forward with a straight spine as to touch your feet, and extend your hands and arms to Form a triangular, pyramidal shape, to  look like a dog stretching after a nap.

Yoga Summary:

There are many more yoga positions benefitting the prostate, some a very advanced, most should be practiced under the guidance of an expirienced yoga teacher, some yoga teachers specialise in therapeutic yoga, try to find a yoga teacher in our area.


Without explaining too much about this, just to say, from a neuro-physiological viewpoint, the chakras are like nerve plexuses from the spinal column and endocrine glands that connect with the internal organs.

There are 2 chakras to consider ... which are influencing the prostate gland.
The First Chakra, at the base of the spine, is connected to the sacral plexus, the rectum, the prostate gland and the male reproductive organs.
The Second Chakra is below the navel and is related to the prostatic plexus, the adrenal glands and the female reproductive oragans.

You can positively balance these chakras with breathing techniques, yoga positions, meditations and visualisations.
Breathing is of the upmost importance, just by simply lengthening and slowing down your respiration rate to 4 breath per minute you can balance those chakras.

For some breathing exercise click >> Physical Foundation

External light massage

Apply some sesame oil (or soap while under the  shower) to the area located between the anus and the testicles. Make gentle circular movements with your finger-pads for about 30 sec, then a few strokes from the anus towards the base of the penis. Make sure you use light strokes and do not press hard.

Reflex points .. foot reflexology points are all around the inside ankles - massage them while watching TV .. to find out more click > Reflexology

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