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Men's Health - A Holistic Approach

Article by ... the editor of Use Nature, Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Holistic Therapy Consultant - Gold Coast - Canungra

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Holistic Prostate Health

Your Prostate, Bladder or Pelvic Floor Area, are not a separate entity from the rest of your body.

You, and your body and your mind are connected to that part of you, and everything you do or think, or have done will have had an impact on why you may have prostate related problems.

Everything has a cause.

I would like to urge the medical establishment to spend more money on research into the causes of diseases, rather than just to manage a disease, eg; prostatitis and long term low antibiotic treatment.

I would also like to see much more research into Allergies, hidden Allergies and Hypersensitiveness in relation to inflammation and diseases. Allergies and acquired hypersensitiveness have an association with inflammation and also Prostate problems as well.

There "seems" to be no specific cause for prostatitis, and the bacterial cause seems to be just a minor factor, obviously a serious one ( seems to be only in 5 to 10% of sufferers).

Let's think holistically

Prostate problems are associated with the 40 - 50 - 60 or later age bracket.

What is happening at that age?

Lets call it "Male Menopause", as this is the age where hormone production changes. We mentioned the main factor of it as the gradual decline in testosterone.

What else is changing at that age and in your lifestyle?

Ask yourself this question, it may hold some of the solutions.

In many of my patients, esp in the 50 plus age bracket, I have noticed the following:

  • Change in diet (yes diet is a part of it, food can accelerate or slow down inflammation)

  • Change in activity, "more sitting", which can cause pelvic floor muscle spasm, nerve irritation, lack of circulation, decline of muscle tissue, pressure from more fat deposits..
    " Sitting is the new smoking ", a sedentary lifestyle is killing you (softly).

  • Change in stress levels, or rather that this group of patients has become less tolerant to stress. They may have the same stressors but can't tolerate them any longer.

  • Change in mental attitude, maybe relating once again to hormonal or chemical changes, resulting in defeating attitudes, depression and negative thinking.

    (similar to female menopause - question of meaning and achievements play a role here)

  • Change in drinking habits, more alcohol is associated with more prostate and other problems.

  • Changes in weight - getting overweight.

  • Age generated changes in physical associate problems, such as diminished circulation, constipation, digestive problems, Bladder or Kidney problems, and more.

Holistic Prostate Natural Treatment Strategies (non-specific)

Natural and holistic treatments are always directed to the individual person, not just to a specific problem or disease..

By example; a group of men all with the same problem of Chronic Prostatitis, but all having different symptoms and underlying causative factors, which have to be considered in a Holistic Prostate Health Treatment.

Treatment factors to consider:

  1. Diet: taking into account, weight, hormonal factors, inflammation, allergies, digestion, fluid intake, activity levels and many other factors, such as other existing health problems.

  2. Exercise: What kind of exercise to address individual physical probable causative factors.
    By example:
    NO bike riding ( nerve irritation, sometimes even linked to erectile problems)
    Plenty of walking to stimulate circulation
    Stretching is very important, lot's of my patients have complaint about not being able to touch their toes any more, gradually getting stiffer, esp. hamstrings and lower back. Often, just by stretching or using trigger points some of the prostate symptoms are relieved.

  3. Mental Attitude > counselling, coaching, mediation, visualization - and finding or re-finding a meaning, or new lifestyle may change some of the problems.

  4. Behavioural Factors: You may have to sit on a donut pillow if you have to sit a lot, to avoid direct pressure and nerve irritation, or even better, invest into a stand up desk type of setting.

Treatment modalities will be another consideration.

If individual history taking will indicate specific underlying problems which do respond well to specific treatment modalities, these modalities should be considered.
Some may sound outlandish, but may result in surprisingly easy remedial effects.

Just to name a few:

Yoga and specific associated stretches.

Colonic Irrigation in congestion and clearing compaction within the lower bowel, it even has been recorded that the gentle water pressure massage soothes the prostate.

Ayurveda has a long history of prostate problem alleviating herbal remedies, so do Herbalists and Homeopathy.

Acupuncture and Acupressure will consider the problem from an energy point of view.

Chronic pain may be even treated with Hypnosis, or Brain Plasticity kind of therapy.

The next Article will address well documented Natural Prostate Treatments..


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Article supplied by the editor of Use Nature - Dieter Luske

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