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The Gold Coast has long been known for delivering excellence in Massage Therapists and Natural Complementary Health Providers and Education. There is a wide selection from a wide range of Practitioners of all Natural Therapies Modalities as well as Natural Therapies Colleges, in fact the Academy of Natural Therapy, started right here on the Gold Coast.

UseNature, started on the Gold Coast as well, as a personal web-site for Naturopath Dieter Luske, before it became one of the largest Health Directory for Australia and International practitioners in 1999.

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If you look for help with your back or neck or your general physical health, select the most appropriate massage therapy for you. To find more information on each modality, please click the info link on your selected modality.

Gold Coast Massage & Physical Therapy Modalities:

  • Bowen Therapy : A gentle form of massage or muscle manipulation.

  • Chiropractor : works with manipulative specific treatments on the spine and joints.

  • Feldenkrais Method ® - Improved brain/body functioning through movement.

Massage Therapies

Massage would be one of the most popular method of treatment for the muscular skeletal system, joint and muscle discomfort. Massage is a hand on physical manipulation of muscle tissue. Kneading, stroking and rolling of muscles lead to better circulation and force the muscle to relax, allowing the spine to naturally re-align. Massage is also applied against stress and together with lymphatic drainage can help to relax and de-stress the whole system.

Benefits of Massage

Massage is the systematic and scientific manipulation of soft body tissue. It has been used for thousands of years for relaxation and to restore and promote the good health of both mind and body.

Massage releases chronic tension and pain in muscles, improves circulation, increases flexibility in the joints, and reduces mental and physical fatigue.

There is something special about massage, and the real personal nature of the treatment which facilitates trust as well as physical benefit is part of that beneficial effect.

If you have a general muscular discomfort, please see a Massage Therapist. If you have a very specific problem, you may consider some specialized massage or physical modality, such as a chiropractor, however a massage is always the place to start treatments, and be assured that your massage practitioner would refer you to someone else if you don't respond to massage treatment alone.

Mobile Massage: Therapeutic - Remedial - Relaxation; is a welcomed service for many individuals who haven't got mobility, the time, or simply find it more convenient to have a massage treatment in their own home, or if it is for a corporate sector, to have a massage in the office. The massage service which is provided, will bring either a portable massage table, or a special massage seat to a location.

Yoga Classes Info: Some Yoga teachers do therapeutic classes or individual private therapeutic stretching.

Massage & Physical Therapy Articles:

Lymphatic Drainage Massage - Massage Benefits - What is Myopractic? - Reflexology - Bad Backs

use Nature's Gold Coast Natural Health History Section:

The first Natural Therapist I consulted was right in Surfers Paradise, at the Trust House - Gold Coast Highway, his name was Garry O.

Having studied various Natural Therapies back in Germany, I wanted to get in contact with an Iridologist who used an Iris Camera. That was in 1979, just a year later, as far as I can remember, I continued my Natural Therapies studies with the Academy of Natural Therapies, which just had opened at the same place... the Trust House in Surfers Paradise. The first floor was all Healing; Chiropractic, Natural Therapies Clinic and the College, all opened and owned by Dr. Peter Pedersen, who now operates a clinic in Nerang, called > Your Health Matters.

Unfortunately I have no pictures, why is that?
Don't forget, we are talking 1980, no digital cameras for a quick picture, no mobile phones and no computers, how could we have ever existed?

The Academy of Natural Therapies went very well, and resulted in many new Natural Therapists of various modalities. As this page is dedicated to Massage, it must be said, that Peter Pedersen taught and trained his students to become some of the best Massage practitioners around.

I continued at the Trust House, together with Keith C. opening our own section, practicing Therapeutic Massage, Natural Therapies, Iridology, Herbal Medcine and Homeopathy.

Dennis Stuart Herbal lectureDennis Stuart - Southern Cross herbal School

( left pic. : Dennis and Keith - right pic. Dennis )

A delivery of dried Herbs - ready to be turned into Herbal Tinctures

Dried Herbs - Tincture Storage and Herbal Perculators

Herbal Tincture Storage Room

Herbalism and Homeopathy was taught at the Academy by Dennis Stuart, (see pictures above). He came once a month for a whole weekend, teaching one day Herbalism the other day Homeopathy.

I have to check some dates, anyhow, eventually Keith and myself moved out to have our own Clinic at the Ferry Road Shopping Centre. At that time, my clinic name was Luske Herbal Clinic, and I manufactured all our own Herbal tinctures at our Canungra property, now the Head Office of

After a few years I stopped manufacturing Herbal Tinctures, mainly because of new TGA regulation, I didn't wanted to go into the high cost of establishing a professional laboratory.

I continued working as a Naturopath and Counseller. Somewhere in the 1990, I closed my clinic, lease problems, and rented a room at the East West Clinic at 100 Bundall Road, owned by Diane Burke. And finally for a year or 2, I moved to Crombie Avenue, great clinic location, it was a whole house, perfect for a few practitioners. We, Linda, Joan and myself rented that house, and practiced there for a while as multi modality clinic.

I stared practicing part time, while concentrating fully on the Health and Lifestyle Directory.

What has all this to do with massage?

That's how it all started, my first work was as a Therapeutic Massage Practitioner, and I always liked massage, and the "real" and quick way one could cause beneficial changes in a patient.

Many of my patients came back regularly over many years. I have one client, which over the years has become a good friend, who is still coming once a month, we promised to keep it going. He first came in 1980, we may make it into the Guinness Book of Records for the longest ongoing massage consultation ever... :-) .. ( yes .. still going - Dec.2019 )

East West ClinicPictures - East West Clinic at Bundall
East West Clinic 100 Bundall Road

... probably around 1997






East West Clinic - Practitioners


... and this was Surfer Paradise - Gold Coast in 1975 :-)

Surfer Paradise - Gold Coast - 1975

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