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What is Myopractic ?

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Many qualified Therapeutic/Remedial Massage Therapists use a combination of techniques.

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What is Myotherapy - Massage Therapies

Myopractic is a bodywork therapy, developed in Australia by Neil Skilbeck and featuring techniques derived from the works of the late Tom Bowen, Osteopathy, Chiropractic and Chinese organ massage, this intriguing new alternative therapy may hold the key to permanent pain relief.

If there is one certainty in life, it's that there will always be a need for health professionals who can soothe sore and aching muscles. There is already a myriad of choices available, from classical physiotherapy through to the many different forms of massage and specialised manipulative therapies.

Myopractic is a specialised technique, and is known for the integration of soft tissues, the skeletal system and Chinese meridians.

One element of myopractic is loosely based on the work of the late Tom Bowen since its founder, Neil Skilbeck, was trained by Tom Bowen. However, myopractic therapist Paul Barratt-Hassett (who is also trained in Bowen Therapy) stresses that the two are very different in both philosophy and application.

How It Works

Myopractic is built on the premise that muscles move bone therefore if a bone is misaligned or out of place e.g. twisted sacrum or spinal misalignment, it is the muscles that are holding it out of place. Myopractors are trained to identify these key areas of misalignment and to correct these areas by treating the corresponding muscle dysfunction responsible.

Mr Barratt-Hassett says; "It does not stop there, we know that misalignment of the spine can cause nerve pressure disrupting vital communication to the organs, muscles and glands and we know that muscle spasm and/or muscle dysfunction is primarily responsible for pulling those bones out of place".

But here is the amazing part, it is when meridians (based on Chinese medicine, which are energy systems running throughout the body) become stagnated the muscles start to go into spasm and become dysfunctional.

Myopractic is the only therapy that is aimed at clearing meridian stagnation, correcting muscle spasm and re-aligning skeletal misalignment simultaneously. The key word here is simultaneously, it is the intention to work on all three levels with each carefully determined move. Andtherapists truly believe that the concept of working with all three levels simultaneously is what makes myopractic such a powerful body therapy technique.

What Myotherapy is Good For?

The therapy addresses a broad range of musculo-skeletal complaints including sporting injuries, headaches, migraines, digestive disorders, respiratory difficulties, menstrual irregularities and muscle dysfunction of areas such as the neck, shoulders and back.

And Barratt-Hassett comments that, "Because myopractic is such a new therapy research has begun in the area of sports performance and disease prevention with some very exciting results". Furthermore many clients comment that after a typical myopractic session they feel a sense of well-being; like the body is harmonious again.

What Happens When You Go?

A typical session with a myopractor begins with a full history assessment, including any medical conditions, x-rays, past operations, falls, etc., combined with a physical examination including psychological complaints, such as sleeping disorders.

After the examination there are three areas that are assessed.

  1. The myopractor looks for Lymph pooling - anywhere there is a muscle lesion, there will be associated swelling from lymph fluid.

  2. They then feel for abnormalities such as muscle irregularities including the muscle temperature, as the swollen areas will be hotter to touch.

  3. Finally, they assess the integrity of the skeletal structure to check for any misalignments, starting with the pelvis before moving to the rest of the body.

After this has been completed the myopractor will now have vital information as to which organs are affected and are not functioning optimally.

The main technique used in myopractic is the cross-fiber muscle technique, which is a firm flick across the muscle fibers. According to Barratt-Hassett, the results of a myopractic session, including this technique, are instant. "About 98 per cent of people respond the first time. There are not many people that we can't help. Clients leave either knowing it has worked or it hasn't. And because myopractic removes misalignments of the spine, patients should expect similar benefits to that of osteopathy chiropractic, without the crunch. And unlike other soft tissue therapies e.g. massage, myopractic patients can receive treatment fully clothed allowing for full discretion and absolute comfort for those who may be a little shy or uncomfortable about getting undressed to receive treatment."

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