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The Lymphatic System & Detox Massage

.. often called Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Article by the Editor Dieter L. - Brisbane - Qld

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The lymphatic System is a circulation system without a pump (Heart).

The pumping action comes from moving your muscles.

And yes, you guessed it, if you don't move, your lymphatic system will not work.

With other words, use it or lose it, or let a qualified Massage Therapist support you.

It is also one of the five main elimination channels in your body along with skin, lungs, kidneys & bowels, with other words, it is very important.

Lymph fluids feed the cells of the body by transporting nutrients such as salts, minerals, and proteins to every cell of the body, and it is also your bodies metabolic waste-disposal system. It clears toxins, unwanted proteins and waste which can not be removed by any other means from your tissues and cells, such as the by-products of metabolic wastes, stress, dead cells, metals, in organic substances and other assorted debris which your cells cast off.

Actually, the lymph system is twice the size of our blood circulatory system. We have twice as many lymph vessels as blood vessels.

Much of he body is made up of water. Only a little part of the water is in the bloodstream, far more is contained and accumulated in the lymphatic system.

Our cells are located in a sea of lymph, a pale fluid. The lymphatic vessels run parallel to the blood veins in the body.

As we can see, our Lymphatic System is much more important than you may have thought.

Major functions of the Lymphatic System:

The Lymphatic System maintains connective tissue to optimal state, carries toxins out of interstitial spaces, helps transport lymphocytes and hormones throughout the body (immune reaction), filter for harmful substances & bacterial infection, maintains balance of fluids in the tissues & recovers substances that have escaped into the tissues ie. proteins.

The Lymphatic System has no pump, its nourishing, water balancing and eliminative functions are dependant upon muscle contractions, diaphragm breathing and body movements. It is common to develop a somewhat sluggish lymphatic flow, caused by being inactivity, consumption of inappropriate food & beverages and reduced water intake. All these factors stress the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a light technique designed to stimulate the circulation of lymph to speed up the removal of wastes from all over the body.

It works wonderfully on the nervous system by reducing sympathetic activity, allowing para sympathetic activity, stimulates the defences of the immune system and increases the flow and volume of lymph fluid. People will often feel the results for as long as a week.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits

Best for lymphatic fluid removal, as well as for scars, stress, cellulite, stretch marks, detoxification, chronic fatigue, overweight, arthritis, neurological disorders, well being, pregnancy & pain.

The Lymphatic Massage Practitioner, by applying lymphatic massage to you, does your muscle movements, exercise and circulation stimulation for you. With other words, the practitioner becomes your Lymphatic Pump.

Lymphatic Massage is of particular importance if you already show sluggish lymphatic symptoms, such as swollen ankles - hands, tired leg feelings, or generally feeling sluggish.

Obviously, that makes it highly recommended for those with limited movements, the physically inactive, older people, and people prone to or recovering from colds/flu's, infections, on-going tiredness, excess fluids, low immunity and swollen lymph nodes, swollen ankles. It also takes the pressure off a weak heart.

It works well together with any other massage techniques. Indeed, most experience Massage practitioners will include elements of a Lymphatic massage into their Therapeutic Massage Techniques.

For example, a deep tissue massage which may release a lot of toxins, will be even more effective if the deep techniques are supported with lymphatic massage techniques to drain the freshly released toxic matters.

One of my techniques which I always found very effective is working dry within the soft tissues, continuing with oil and deep tissue work interchanged with lymphatic drainage.

Lots of work but well worth the effort.

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Article provided by :

the editor of Use Nature, Dieter L.


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