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Yoga comes in many forms ....

The most widely known form of Yoga is probably Hatha Yoga - taught and practiced in yoga classes around the world, in a combination of yoga stretches - yoga breathing and yoga relaxation / meditation.

Yoga can be described as a holistic form of exercise, as it works on all levels of our physical, mental and spiritual being.

People who don't feel comfortable with the underlying spiritual asspect, find it easy to see Yoga just as a physical sports activity, in that way it is like a stretching class.

Stretching is an important and valuable exercise, it promotes flexibility, better circulation and strength.

Yoga on a deeper level, in combination with breathing and holding a combination of specific stretches can have profound beneficial effect on muscles, joints and vital organs.

And on a deeper level yet again, it can have an influence on energy pathways and chacras and as a lifestyle in itself.

Yoga Classes can also be specialised such as: Yoga for Pregnancy - for kids - for therapeutic reasons and others.

Yoga can be practiced by young and old.

There is this misconception about Yoga, that one has to be flexible to practice it. Quiet to the contrary, Yoga will help you to become flexible, if you are flexible already, you actually have to stretch harder and further to get the same profound effects.

If you are extremely stiff, Yoga is perfect to gently encourage better movement and flexibility.

In a class situation or even when you practice Yoga in your own home, Yoga may end with a relaxation or meditation session, however if for any reason you are not comfortable with that, you simply skip that part.

Yoga is one of my personal recommendation for everyone to stay fit and healthy at any age, and to keep young, flexible and fit.

It is Anti-ageing practice in action.

The Gold Coast has a long history of having quality Yoga Classes

One of the first Classes I ever visited was a Yoga Class in Surfers Paradise at the Trusthouse, part of Peter Pedersen's Holistic Natural Therapy Clinic and Academy of Natural Therapy.

The Yoga Teacher at that time, I think it was 1981, was Jan O'Donoghue, who is still teaching, see Gold Coast School of Iyengar Yoga

Some other yoga teachers from the eighties :

Coralie Webb - I.Y.T.A. teacher; Brenda Steinsby; .. and, I am sure many more...

Yoga Training Resources and Articles:

YOGA ALLIANCE AUSTRALIAIf you have been practicing Yoga for a while and you are thinking of becoming a Yoga Teacher, you will need to get qualified to be able to teach Yoga at a professional level and be able to apply for Professional and Public Liability Insurance to work for yourself, in Gyms, Fitness or Yoga Studios / Schools.

To be accepted for registration you have to have completed a minimum of 200 training hours with a school registered with a recognised Organisation.

For more information on training and registration please see:


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