Holistic Cooking in Season

Reading within the first few pages of my “Antique Cookbook” clarifies something very important, cooking only in seasons.

This cookbook is from 1927 andย  you may think there is nothing to learn here, but you would be mistaken. Not only are basic household procedures explained and how to do cleaning and preparing the right time saving way, but even more important it explains what to cook at what time of the year.

German Cookbook Please remember, we are talking 1927, no supermarket is sight yet, no online ordering :-), just a few shops with specific consumer items. There was the Butcher, the Grocery, Bakery and a shop which sold Milk, milk products such as butter, cheese and something called quark, and to buy the milk you brought your own milk can, which got filled up with fresh lovely cool milk. Kids, who usually did the shopping for milk all had to try to do the ultimate bravery task, that of swinging the open milk can high up in the air and around without spilling the precious cargo.

Anyhow, lets come back to the seasons. At that time, you had only local produce. In Autumn by example, when potatoes where ready to be dug out, kids had the Autumn school holiday, and went to the farms to dig out potatoes. That was the beginning of fresh Potato season, and that was the only Potato season, no potatoes from other countries, all just local produce. People used to buy potatoes not by the kilo, but by the bag, and I mean no a tiny little plastic bag, no, a big old hassion bag, I think it could hold 50kg. Those potatoes where than stored in a cool dark place, in Germany most houses had a Potato cellar, I think they lasted a few month.

The reason I highlighted the potatoes is for the simple reason that this scenario was repeated for all “locally” produced vegetables and fruits. Everything was either stored to extend the seasons or “conserved” in rows of glass jars with enticing fruit or vegetable conserves.

And the point of all is that you actually should eat according to your season and in addition, eat only what is grown or possible to be grown in your locality.

Something very interesting is happening right at this moment, there is a growing movement to go back to grow locally and get once again involved of growing your own and eat what is in season. Urban gardens pop up everywhere, on rooftops, balconies and little gardens or patios. Most of the garden beds are actually similar to huge flowerpots, they are above ground, no did tub gardens.

Certainly, that is a full turnaround and a sensible one, it gives you control over what you eat. Even if that is extended to swopping with others in you local area, you will know, that nothing is genetically modified, you may even find some old fashion vegetable seeds, and swop seeds with your neighbors, and you will know that everything is grown organically, yummy.

And all this belongs to holistic health and holistic cooking, eating healthy in season and what can be grown around you.

Can I temp you with some cakes ๐Ÿ™‚ .. they work for all seasons …

German Cookbook from 1927 - showing Cakes

..cheers Dieter …

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