Holistic Philosophy and Health

Most practitioners within the Natural Therapy Industry  align themselves to the philosophies of Holistic Healing. All that really means is to treat a person holistically, which translates as treating the whole person, not just their kidneys, skin or headache.

Maybe in the future, a human body could be treated like a car, just taking out one part, fix or replace it and put it back into place.
But guess what, most likely that part would eventually fail again, because no one has bothered to find out why that part got broken to start with.

It may be more complicated to look at  a person holistically, but within the holistic philosophies, this would be the most likely way to achieve a cure. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with specialising in a specific body system, as long as this is preceded as well as followed up by applying holistic principles.

Lifestyle is an important holistic aspect. Up to a certain degree, we literally self sabotage our own health, and possibly that of others, on a daily basis.

Marketing in general and processed food specifically, even so it may be essential up to a certain degree, has caused havoc not only to human health, but also to environmental health.

To attempt to change the world is futile, all holistic healing possibly could achieve is to inspire individual people to live a holistic lifestyle, taking care of themselves, physically and mentally as well as their relatives, friends and surrounding environment.

Holistic Health is in no way opposed to the medicine establishment, to the contrary, but ….. yes, there is always a but 🙂 … it would be to everyone’s benefit if the medical system, on top of what they practice already, attempts to have a more holistic viewpoint.

There are huge beneficial advances within the medical system, genetics is such an example. Just imagine, a faulty gene could be found and replaced, and a genetic disorder could be healed. As gigantic that step would be, it needs to be followed up by a holistic lifestyle, anything else would be self-sabotage and the benefit would be lost if there is too much smoking, drinking, eating rubbish and burn the candle at both ends.

I always liked the simple example of a flat tire; where a quick therapy is to re-inflate the tire with air. A bit better therapy is to patch it up.
Holistic therapy would look not only at the whole tire, but also at the driving behaviour, and would notice, how un-even the tire is worn, how old it is and how many driving inflicted “wounds” it has.

The holistic therapy would “possibly “include; a new tire, a wheel alignment and some drivers education that will stop harsh driving practices, or if it is caused by the environment, get purpose made tires instead.

Individual Holistic Health and Healing could include; a healthy positive peaceful and happy attitude to life, a well balanced or even synergistic relationship, a good natural nutrient type of diet, enough rest, sleep and play. It also needs physical activity, sports or out-door activities, as well as mental challenges. If possible, live in an environment of your liking, which you can improve up on or keep in good organic shape, and last but not least … support others or good causes.

This is a general Holistic approach, but holistic philosophies can be applied to everything .. and that’s the challenge, work on applying Holistic Philosophies to a microcosm, which is you and your immediately surrounding, and spread it out and apply it to the macrocosm, there is no end to it.

© Dieter Luske – useNature Editor

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