How to ban plastic bags effectively

How to ban plastic bags effectively?

Finally we have come to the conclusion that plastic bags in super markets have to be stopped to protect the “only” environment we have.

The question of how to get out of this manic craze of using plastic bags, wrapping and containers for absolutely everything, is creating major headaches.

The question on everyone’s mind is; “with what can we replace something as neat and nice as plastic bags 🙂 ”

What is the alternative?

Let’s not forget the law of  “Cause and Effect”, when ever you cause something, like banning plastic bags, what will be the effect ?

What will we use instead of plastic bags.
Will the alternative be less or more harmful to the environment?

There is also the question of, will we now buy more plastic bags for our rubbish bins and similar usage?

More concerning questions

  1. How often would we use a heavy-duty plastic bag, before we would discard it?
  2. Are heavy duty plastic bags prone to harbor harmful bacteria?
  3. Canvas bags, beside the higher cost, will get quickly dirty as well, and depending how much energy is used to produce them, they may cause additional harm to the environment.
  4. If canvas bags are made from linen or cotton, it will create even more problems, including pesticides and water shortage, and high cost.

And there is still the rubbish bin liner question to consider, with other words the alternative solution needs to solve at least 2 problems, hopefully 3:

  1. A Shopping Bag alternative
  2. A Bin Liner alternative …
  3.  .. and hopefully in the future and alternative for all plastic bags, eg food bags.

My favorite alternative bag material would be Hemp, esp if the Hemp growing industry in Australia can be helped.

Hemp of course is highly suitable for the Australian climate, it doesn’t need much water and it is not dependent on pesticides, therefore it is economical. Go Hemp ….

Jute is similar, but somehow I am inclined to favor Hemp, esp. as it could provide farmers with an alternative crop to sugar.

However that leaves the question of how often one can use a Hemp bag before discarding. It may be durable for a long time, but probably not Hygienic.

Here it is the final Plastic Shopping Bag Solution:

… maybe I should patent it … and create a new start up company, making square string shopping bags

It is not only the material used for the shopping bags, but also how long it can be used for, therefore we need to be able to chuck it once a month into the washing machine, sorry, I meant of course to wash it with organic detergent 🙂

I am saying … “bring back the Shopping Net” .. ‘string bag’

Plus point for the shopping bag; cheap, re-usable, washable, easy storage, can take many different shapes to be used in super market check-outs.

With other words … Perfect

.. another Crazy Craze Crunched

.. and I nearly forgot … unfortunately I have no idea for bin liners …

What are Your alternative solutions? Reply  .. thank you .. 

… by the way is “cling wrap” Biodegradable ?

Crunch Craze Column … Dieter L.

Hemp Shopping Nets Please

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