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Goal Setting - Present Situation

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Article: Lifestyle Choice - Goal Setting & Purpose


Article extracted from a workshop manual & book called:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU - by Dieter LuskeĀ© - Gold Coast

... all following articles, are written as workshop manuscript
... questions were asked to stimulate active participation.

ARTICLE NUMBER - 31 - Chapter Three

Goal Setting - Present Situation


  • Health, fitness, weight, looks, appearance overall, diet, habits, etc?

  • Marriage or relationship - happy, still talking, sharing, fulfilment, children, etc'

  • Living conditions - housing, unit, renting, owning, acreage, too small, too big, too close to city, too far away, wrong city, etc?

  • Profession, occupation, career, school, etc?

  • Money, financial situation, budget, know how to handle it, spending more than earning, saving, etc'

  • Personal achievements - got any, want any, looking for some, etc?

  • Recreation, past time, holidays, reading, sport, sailing, hiking, stamp-collecting, non, etc?

  • Spirituality, believing in something, learning about it, practising it, reading about, evaluating it, etc?

  • Value and belief systems (you may have those written down already)?

  • Environmentally active?

  • Rewarding yourself - often, never, don't know how to, etc?

  • Others, anything, etc?

Having worked out your present, let's take a quick look into your past.

If there is anything you regret not having done, now is your chance to look at it again, and make sure you rectify it. Don't make that mistake again.

Even more important is being able to use your past regrets to determine your future goals.

So, have a good look into your past and write down:

  1. What you could have done better?

  2. What else you could have done, to be in a better position than you are in now?

Use your present situation outline as a base.

Now create in your mind a picture of the future, five years from now, containing experiences and situations that you really do want.

  • Where will you be?

  • Who are you with?

  • What are you doing?

  • How do you feel?

Use your present time assessment list again.

How will it look to you in five years time? Better? Worse? It is up to you to make it happen!

Make sure that this picture is a vivid representation of your future self living within that very desirable set of circumstances. Finall,y write it down!

Having written down your desired future, ask yourself:

  • How can I make that happen?

  • What action do I have to take?

If any step leading to your desired future relies upon luck, it is unacceptable.

If you do not have sufficient information to determine how you will make your desired future happen, use the next question as a way to orient yourself towards discovering the appropriate sources of information.


Make a list now of those things you have to do to make your desired future happen.

This list is "THINGS WORTH DOING".

As a final step, look into the future and see those things and situations you definitely do not want to experience.

Write down a very important list of what you don't want to do.

This list will be "THINGS WORTH AVOIDING", things that you definitely don't want to do.

Now you know which behaviours will lead to which future. Obviously you will want to engage in those behaviours which will lead to your desired future and stay clear of those behaviours which will lead to the undesired future.


Let's stay with desired and undesired, and clarify even more how to get what you desire and how to avoid what is undesired. It is important to realise that to achieve anything, we have to think first of what we desire, then put our energy in the present towards what we desire for the future.

Most people, even after coming so far in knowing exactly what they want, still can't get it.

Because, they don't put the energy in the present.

The energy is still where the fear is, they resist what is undesired and that is where the energy is.

Resisting your present situation will keep you there!

This works by the principle: WHAT YOU RESIST WILL PERSIST.

Let me explain that with an example about weight:

Say, you are overweight. With an undesired future you see yourself totally fat in five years time. Naturally you don't like this, therefore you use this fat picture to move away from. Now comes a shift from negative to positive, as you move away from the fat picture you get motivated to be slim, fit and healthy and so you form a desired picture of yourself as slim, fit and healthy.


This shift has to be complete, which means that you have to shift your energy to the positive slim picture. To make this happen you actually have to fully accept and love yourself the way you are now, even if you have a weight problem.

If you don't do this, you are using your energy in fighting against your weight, instead of using your energy in allowing yourself to be slim.

You can shift your energy with a powerful affirmation:

"I love and accept myself the way I am right now. It is ok for me to be overweight."

Does that sound strange?

The reason for this is simple. If you don't do that, then all your energy is expended in resisting being fat. By accepting yourself the way you are, you release that energy and can use this vital energy towards your desired goal.

Simply remember..... WHAT YOU RESIST WILL PERSIST!!

In this example you can see, how important it is to use affirmation and to accept and love yourself now, because the power is in the present.

If you are overweight then all your focus is in being overweight—you are concentrating on being overweight.

Once you accept that, you can focus on being slim or in other words:


This works for everything, EVEN IN POLITICS, and even with creative goal setting.

If you have no goal and believe that you don't know what goal you could have, then your energy is concentrated in not knowing your goal.

By accepting that in yourself and saying: "I love and accept myself the way I am now, it is ok not to have a goal at this very moment," the energy is released and can now be focused on creating a goal.

Once again if you resist in telling yourself that you can't find a goal that thought will persist. You could do even better by giving yourself permission, like:

"I allow myself to be slim," or "I allow myself to find a goal."

Quick Summary

We have found and set ourself goals, positive outcomes, desired futures and we do know what we don't want, which helps us to see the direction to move away from.

to be continued ... Article 32 - click > Goal Setting - Love and Hate


Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L.

Excerpt from a workshop & book - published 1993 - titled; "Do you believe in You"

www.usenature.com - Dieter Luske ©


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