Health Budget

Health Budget *Revised as a general political comment – 20.06.2018 Australia’s Budget still dominates the media, nothing wrong with that, it’s just a shame that it is because of a political game where people on lower incomes are the losers, causing a negative flow-on effect for the whole of the economy and the country in… Read More »

Holistic Budget Response

useNature Editor’s Comment Holistic Budget Response *Revised as a general political comment – 20.06.2018 Anyone living in Australia will know that we just had our first Liberal Party Budget Night (14.05.2014), and I am sure over the next days and weeks we will hear lots about the effects of it. Wasn’t it a fun night,… Read More »

Holistic Marketing

Holistic Philosophies and Marketing .. lets crunch the bad marketing craze .. What possibly could Holistic Philosophy have to do with marketing? Holistic Philosophies are always concerned with the “Common Good“, or to take this one step further, to an “Universal beneficial Value” for human kind. Now lets examine marketing. It would be wrong to… Read More »

Holistic Philosophy and Health

Most practitioners within the Natural Therapy Industry  align themselves to the philosophies of Holistic Healing. All that really means is to treat a person holistically, which translates as treating the whole person, not just their kidneys, skin or headache. Maybe in the future, a human body could be treated like a car, just taking out… Read More »