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Article compiled by: Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

The I Ching has two distinct functions:

The FIRST is as a compendium and classic of ancient cosmic principles.

The SECOND function is that of divination text, or in common terms "giving a reading".

As a divination text the world of the I Ching is used as guidance and it can be used as an oracle.

The text of the I Ching is a set of oracular statements represented by 64 sets of six lines each called hexagrams. Each hexagram is a figure composed of six stacked horizontal lines, each line is either:

Yang (an unbroken, or solid line), or

Yin (broken, an open line with a gap in the centre).

With six such lines stacked from bottom to top there are 26 or 64 possible combinations, and thus 64 hexagrams represented.

Casting the hexagrams used to be done with the yarrow stalk method, but this was gradually replaced with the three coins method.


The I Ching is a Chinese Oracle, and by many considered the ultimate Oracle.

There are however many other well known historic Oracles and even many not so well know contemporary Oracles.

The Oracle of Delphi of Greek origin is certainly a famous one, and so a the Runes.

The Angle Cards Oracle have been around for a long time and most people of course know the most famous ones, the Tarot Cards.

Some people however, consider Oracle cards to be different to Tarot cards, as Oracle cards often have a set topic or meaning. However, for our purpose of discussion, we simple see anything as an oracle which can be used to derive meaning from. Therefore, you can use anything and everything.

By example, grab any book of the shelf, and ask yourself a question, preferable not a closed one (yes or no), but one to derive meaning from, such as:

How can I stay healthy?

Flick the pages and open the book at a desired point and blindly put a finger on the page.

The word closest to your finger will have your answer.

OK, I just did that, and the word was > "Pretending" !

Now, that doesn't seem to have any meaning in that context at all, unless you are a good "Oracle Reader", and come up with a creative intuitive meaning, which could be: Don't pretend to be healthy, strive for real health, and have good natural food and .... no " Pretend - artificial and preservative processed Food".

There you have it, a perfect meaning ... :-)

Here is a new contemporary Oracle, created on the Gold Coast by local Artist Giselle, and Cyberspace Poet Kahelu.

( Giselle also holds art classes for beginners or advance, learn how to draw or paint your own Oracle Cards )

The "Cyber Oracle" - contemporary Oracle.

The Cyber Oracle is just in the process of being created, and because the Oracle Cards are made from real original paintings it may take a while before the whole deck of 36 Oracle Cards will be finished.

Here are the first Oracle cards:

Wait for the oracle card to slide ...stop the "Slider" by pointing your Mouse / Cursor at an Oracle Card, and click the button to read the meaning.

Article compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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