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The most widely known form of Yoga is probably Hatha Yoga - taught and practiced in yoga classes around the world, in a combination of yoga stretches - yoga breathing and yoga relaxation / meditation.

Yoga can be described as a holistic form of mind and body exercise, yoga works on all levels of our physical, mental and spiritual being.

People who don't feel comfortable with the underlying spiritual asspect find it easy to see Yoga just as a physical sports activity, in that way it is like a stretching class.


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1.0 Recommended Yoga Classes / Teachers / Schools

Yoga Alliance Australia - Provides services and support for yoga teachers and yoga schools in Australia and overseas.
Belle McCaleb - ND, RN, MSS-C, BSN, RYT - St George South Australia - registered Yoga Therapist.
Yogalates - Organic Fusion -  The Yogalates method is renowned for its standard of safety and accessible for a wide population.
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2.0 What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice to bring harmony for body, mind and spirit, using stretching - breathing - holding positions, relaxation and meditation to achieve complete balance.

Yoga brings about changes in our inner consciousness, our sense of our self.

The result is a life that is more harmonious and joyful.

Yoga brings about deep relaxation that allows the true inner spirit to come to light.

There are many different forms of yoga, each focusing on different aspects of our being. 

3.0 Yoga and Lifestyle Articles:

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  2. Health Benefits of Meditation - A relativle new exciting field of medicine called PsychoNeuroImmuniology (PNI) is exploring the links between the mind and our immune system.

  3. Meditation Mindfulness - Learn to watch your thoughts ? understand they are only thoughts. If they are not helping you ? not improving your life - you can discover how to change them.

  4. Alpha Brainwave Music - A mind in alpha is a relaxed mind, free of stress and is automatically using more of the right side of the brain.

  5. Harmful Stress Management - These days the psyche of the modern human being is more burdened than ever before and, depending on the constitution and life situation, this stress poses a thread to health.


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