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Astrology & Mandalas to Heal Your life

Article compiled and classes recommended by Dieter L. Editor of useNature

Astrology and Mandalas to guide your way!

Understand your physical, emotional, and psychological tendancies according to your sign of the zodiac – and find balance and harmony through the corresponding natural therapies.

Do you know that we can heal ourselves and life situations through using naturally provided methods according to our personality?

By understanding our character through astrology we can be aware of our emotional, physical and psychological mannerisms – how we deal with things, treat ourselves and others.

We do have the opportunity to find balance within and heal our life !

Our tools are provided by nature. The signs of the zodiac are traditionally associated with various methods of healing.  Each sign of the zodiac provides a basis for personality or character and is allocated a particular area of the body, this can be a strength or a weakness.  If we are aware of this body area and it’s organs, we can know how to avoid problems and even increase the strength and function of this area.

The human body is divided into twelve areas.  ( Can be seen as a Mandala )

The first is the head and eyes for the first sign of the zodiac

  • Aries people could suffer tension headaches at the temples and eyestrain, young ones could throw themselves head-first into situations.

  • Taurus people feel it in the throat, ears and thyroid. A sore throat, tonsillitis or ear infections if your not expressing yourself or hearing something ? 

  • Gemini’s have the arms, lungs and hands – A strength or a weakness. 

  • Cancerians feel it in their stomach when upset or distressed, and may experience problems with or be very healthy in the womb and breasts. 

  • Leo’s are all about purpose and this comes from the heart and spine. Giving and receiving love brings a strong heart. 

  • Virgo people have the digestive system, or rather indigestion when they’re stressed. 

  • Libra The kidneys and interior sex organs.

  • Scorpios are allocated the outer sex organs and lower intestines. Strength, or weakness. 

  • Sagittarian people feel it in the hips, thighs and liver. Either strong and healthy or a problem area. 

  • Capricorns and the skeleton, knees, teeth and skin could be a concern. Clicky knees or wrists and skin eruptions ? 

  • Aquarius have the lower legs and circulatory system, this can bring varicose veins and cold legs. 

  • Pisces is the twelfth sign and finishes with the feet and lymphatic system. 
    Walk all day but feel it later ?

Our sun sign represents our purpose and direction.  If we are comfortable with that, we may not experience physical or emotional problems.  Sometimes we will experience a physical or emotional situation that is associated with the body area of our moon sign – the female and family side of our self, or our rising sign – the way we portray ourselves to others, or our polar opposite sign.

We are born to a particular sign to experience life in a particular way and with particular emotional, psychological and physical aspects. We can treat areas of imbalance according to our astrological character.

For each sign of the zodiac there are particular > herbs, one of twelve tissue salts, flowers, colours, one of twelve musical notes, particular gemstones and flower essences.

If our physical problems may come from our emotional experiences, how we deal with things and vice-versa, perhaps we need to understand ourselves a little better ? 

We can do this by looking at our astrological character and knowing what the quality and element of our sign means for us and why we get along with some people better than others. 

The Greek gods and goddesses can give us clues to the character of each sign. A little understanding of the planets and houses of the zodiac can help us understand the different energy and direction of people and also the different areas within our life.

So, it’s as easy as having a look at who you are, understanding your character and choosing a corresponding method that is sympathetic to your needs in life.

Each of the seven main chakras is associated with the energy of particular signs and their traditional planetary rulers. A basic understanding of the signs and their planets can help us to learn why we may have a blockage in a particular chakra. 

The gemstones allocated to each sign are also sympathetic to the vibration of it’s corresponding chakra.

Which method of self-healing will you choose ? 

With a little reference and insight into age-old knowledge, you can know yourself…..and heal your life !

Draw or paint a Mandala incorporating; your particular supportive and healing herb, colour, gemstone, tissue salts, flower and flower essence.

Make sure you find out about your starsigns characteristics, overcome your negative tendencies and support your positive ones.

It's all about getting to know yourself and using this knowledge to your advantage and healing.

Art Classes Gold Coast

Learn to draw and to paint to stimulate creativity, imagination and be able to draw your own Mandala.
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Article compiled and classes recommended by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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