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How to ban plastic bags effectively

How to ban plastic bags effectively? Finally we have come to the conclusion that plastic bags in super markets have to be stopped to protect the “only” environment we have. The question of how to get out of this manic craze of using plastic bags, wrapping and containers for absolutely everything, is creating major headaches.… Read More »

Are gluten free products healthy

Are gluten free products healthy? The Gluten Free Craze Here is a craze if there ever was one. I got nothing against going Gluten Free, it’s not like gluten is an “Essential Nutrient”, but the reason behind the craze may have been misguided information. I have been studying Nutrition for most of my life, and… Read More »

Diet Confusion

The great Diet Confusion *revised …20.06.2018 Are you confused? Actually there is a book with that title, it probably wouldn’t help you a lot, as it basically explained just another diet. That book was published in the seventies; I wonder how many new “successful diets” have come out with being the one and only since… Read More »

Holistic Marketing

Holistic Philosophies and Marketing .. lets crunch the bad marketing craze .. What possibly could Holistic Philosophy have to do with marketing? Holistic Philosophies are always concerned with the “Common Good“, or to take this one step further, to an “Universal beneficial Value” for human kind. Now lets examine marketing. It would be wrong to… Read More »