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Welcome to useNature Holistic Healing Classifieds!

How to Place a Classified ?

We adminster 2 types of Classfieds, the first type is for useNature's paid account holders, whereas the second is totally free on our classfied blog-site, go here > Free Healing Classifieds

For the first type of classfieds, follow the instruction:

Advantages: *Your Classifieds are featured on our HOME Page, as well as on our Facebook page -

Please log into your account Dashboard.

To place a classified, use the article function, click "Create New Article":

1.) Add a short title to the title field, avoid unnecessary wording.

2.) In the text field, describe your type of classified, and add all relevant information, for events, workshops etc, make sure to add the location, date, duration and cost.

3.) After completing all text details, select "Classifieds" from the category table.

4.) Tick to agree to the terms, and finally, click "Save Changes".

Note: If it is for a regular event, please don't create new classifieds for each new event. Simply go back to the first classified, by clicking Edit Article, and change your out-dated details, BUT .. leave the same title.

For more tips on placing articles or classifieds: Article Submission Tips & FAQ


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