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What is Energy Medicine?

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What is Energy Medicine?

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Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Author of It happened in the seventies

Why energy is so important for healing

A part of the purpose of energy medicine is to support, enhance or kick start the body's natural healing mechanisms to restore health.

We are energy beings, atoms and electrons within us create a flowing energy field to provide sufficient energy for our cells to work at their optimum.

Energy medicine works, because the human body has been designed to heal itself, it is a dynamic energy system in a constant state of growth, repair and adaptation.

Energy is the basis of life and can be our most powerful source of healing. Leading biophysicists believe we should concentrate on stimulating the body's wonderful repair and defence mechanisms with energy. Exciting and magnificent options now exist for those who want optimum health and well-being.

An increasing number of people are finding that leading edge external energy applications in the form of far-infrared and EQL magnetic technology have boosted their body's healing mechanisms bringing about benefits they could only have dreamt of!

Equilateral triangle (EQL) magnetic technology

Dr Harold Saxton Burr, Professor of Anatomy at Yale in the 1930's proved that all living things produce a life-field (L-field) or electric field.

In 1978 Dr Robert Becker explained in his book "Body Electric" how electromagnetic fields could stimulate the growth of skin, bones and nerves. All living cells are electromagnetic in nature. Under optimal conditions we recharge our energy with the nutrients in our food, the electromagnetic field from the earth and the far-infrared light of the sun. However modern lifestyles spent mainly indoors with concrete and electrical wiring blocking the earth's magnetic field, eating processed foods and breathing in toxins has resulted in our cells having insufficient energy to perform thier basic functions.

Dr Kyoichi Nakagawa, chief of Tokyo's Isuku hospital and one of the world's foremost authorities on magnetism says our electronic environment (mobile phones, computers, electrical appliances) has degraded the earth's magnetic field leading to Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome (MDS).

Symptoms of MDS include habitual headache and heaviness of the head; low back pain; chest pains; stiffness of the shoulders, back and neck; insomnia and dizziness; habitual constipation; and general fatigue for no specific reason.

Dr Nakagawa's extensive study (11,000 patients) has led him to believe that a magnetic field deficiency needs to be corrected by an exposure to a magnetic field. The design of this field is critical; for best results it needs to be the EQL (equilateral triangle) design. As well as design the ideal product should have full coverage. For example when selecting magnetic insoles coverage of the entire insole ensures that all the reflexology points of the foot are stimulated so that the whole body benefits.

The foot is an extraordinary site for healing so investing in an insoles that last for years with a gauss rating of at least 500 provides health benefits for the legs as well as the feet.

Far Infrared (FIR) technology

FIR is a specific wave length of light from the sun. Photobiologist John Nash Ott, D.Sc. (Hon) has researched the effects of light and has found that only light which contains the full spectrum, as is found in natural sunlight, is adequate to maintain health.

The amazing power of far-infrared can help to relax muscles, reduce acidity, improve circulation, speed up metabolism, reduce toxicity, accelerate healing, improve the absorption of nutrients and reduce swelling, inflammation and pain.

FIR sources include direct sunlight or technology that harness the sun by impregnating wool or cotton with FIR fibres. These FIR fabrics are used in mattress pads, quilts, chair and car seats, jackets and socks offering a passive form to benefit from FIR as well as in more portable wraps that can be used for particular areas of swelling or soreness. Now we can benefit from the healing effects of FIR 24 hours a day!

There are now new, elegant and simple yet highly technical solutions available to you to prevent disease and improve your wellness.


Some Naturopaths are using Energy Medicine - for practitioners, see Naturopathy

Article compiled by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature

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