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.... nothing wrong with applying a bit of selective aversion to unhealthy food items.

article by Dieter Luske - Copyright

Part 7 - Weight Loss Tools & Techniques

I am sure you know aversion therapy, (not recommended and not something I consider very effective) which basically is the idea of making food items extremely bad looking or tasting, in order, that you are developing an aversion to those foods and therefore stop eating them.

Even so, aversion therapy is not recommended, there is nothing wrong with applying a bit of selective aversion to food items, which are unhealthy and unhelpful.

Obviously; if you can get yourself to be disgusted enough with processed food, you wouldn’t eat it.

You may wonder why I am not a great friend of aversion therapy?

 As a therapy by itself, I don’t think it is working, otherwise no one would smoke or take drugs or eat rubbish. But, having said that, it still can be helpful as a supporting tool in conjunction with other methods.

One way could be hypnosis or self-hypnosis or Hypnosis CD’s … nothing wrong with any of those, whatever helps you, is good for you, as long as it has no negative side effects. - We may discuss hypnotherapy at a later point.

Another way you can use aversion is by a natural flow of consequences.

First of all, let me put the word aversion in a more acceptable form, I like to call it something else, to demonstrate what is should do, namely,  to push you towards your goal, therefore lets call it “the push”. - And if there is a Push, there must be a Pull.

Yes, there is ... your goal is the pull. Your desire to be fit and healthy is the pull; everything, which is pulling you towards your goal, is good and positive and is classified as a “pull”. With other words the pull is the carrot.

What will happen if you use both together, some parts are pulling you, and some parts are pushing you? Nothing wrong with that, is there? That’s what I call a positive combined effort!

Now we just need to work out the push and the pull options.

We need a strong push and a strong pull and that needs to be sustained.

Who better than yourself of creating and adding the pushes and pulls to your program. That way you are developing your own weight loss program, a program that works for you.

What is pushing you, and how can you get an even stronger push?
Typical pushes are health issues; Blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, joint problems, can’t get up the stairs, everything becomes too hard and heavy, you don’t feel attractive, digestive problem, and money problems, eating too much comes becomes expensive. Can’t keep up with your children or partner, can’t see your private parts any more  ....  the list goes on, please add your own.

Make sure it is enough to get a good push towards being healthy and slimmer.

Depending on your personality, maybe you like to add a few natural consequences, when you stray away from your goals.
Yes, that’s right, maybe you respond to a bit of punishment.

Here are some examples:
Having a glass wine too many – alcohol is one of the worst offenders if it comes to weight gain. - Now the punishment to match the downfall, what could that be?
No wine at all for 3 days, or 15 min. on your treadmill, or mowing the lawn, cleaning all windows. Find something …

Anyhow, you get the idea … make sure you put it in writing for other people to see, stick it on the fridge. Make sure your family or friends assist you with that.

Living by yourself? Than get a "slimming buddy", and help each other.  Weight loss groups are great, support each other, and look out for each other. We all have moments of weakness; we just need strategies to deal with it.

Now let’s consider the pull factor, it can come in 2 ways:

The first way is to have really pleasing goals, such as the new slimmer and healthier you. But than make it more specific, less Blood pressure medication, joining a dancing class, getting back to playing Tennis. Not getting out of breath when you get up the stairs. Feeling attractive. Being able to do something you couldn’t do for a long time. Having a good sex life. Dressing to kill  …  which brings us to the second way.

The second way, finally here we go ... Reward Yourself

Actually, esp with having to be on a long time weight loss program, have rewards at smaller intervals, maybe a reward for each 5 or 10kg of weight loss.
What are the rewards?
First let me tell you what they are not … NOTHING FROM THE FOOD DEPARTMENT.

A good reward is there to make you feel good, buy yourself the new dress or suit or similar.  But don’t only use rewards that seemingly have something to do with your weight or appearance.

Actually, a much better reward is something you wanted to buy, which was maybe too expensive and or more related to other parts of your lifestyle. 

How about a concert ticket, a new computer screen, a new couch, music system, a painting, a vacuum cleaner :-), anything you truly would like and would be a good reward.

There is a third kind of reward, but it’s more than that, it is a creative pursuit, actually, you don’t even have to see it as a reward, although you could use it as that.

It is important to add something else to your life…. which is creativity, something where you learn something new and where you can express yourself.

There is a reason why an activity like that is called recreational activity, because it will support in re-creating yourself.

Recreation - Re-Creation - Interest - Hobby ... whatever you like to call it.

What recreational activity is for you, learning to draw or paint, sing or join a choir, explore acting and join a local theatre, dancing, pottery, origami for all I care, but you need to have something of a creative interest, which will capture your imagination and creativity, learn to express yourself, having fun, concentrating on other activities rather than being pre-occupied with loosing weight.

Writing a journal is a great way too, not only as an activity, but maybe you can share your story, monitor your progress, your experience, write your version of what worked for you and what didn’t, it may be the next best seller. Why not, make money out of your pathway to better health and a slimmer you. As with any journey, you will learn a lot, write it all down.

And now…  try to summarise again ...

What would be the main reason a sensible person like you, with a sensible goal like losing weight, could be failing?

Basically, there is only one reason; your mind is not supporting you.

What does that mean; it means your mind acts as a stumbling block and the usual breakdowns play out like this:

First you stop your diet ... than ...
…  you stop doing exercise
…  lose all your good intentions
… giving up altogether
… start feeling like you are a failure
… which gets you to eat more than before ...
... and you get bigger as before …..   and possibly you start all over again ..

Guess what, if you have been there before, and you know the pitfalls, it should be easier the second time around …
... you simply have to learn and notice what went wrong the first time, and make sure you don’t fall into the same traps again.

You can prepare yourself and make sure the above sequence is not going to happen with you. You know yourself best, you know where your possible downfalls are.

Always be prepared. - Be prepared, don’t think it can't happen to you, maybe it doesn’t but it’s even better to prepare yourself.

The main weight loss rule:

"If you have broken your diet or your exercise regime, or whatever, don’t worry, don’t beat yourself up over it, it’s not really a big deal, simply go on with your former plan and intention, that is much easier than starting all over again …"

Being prepared means, knowing what to do, when things fall apart.
There is always a plan B.
Look back to the push and pull method and the natural consequences and go on. 

If you break your intention regularly, recognise that pattern and find a way around, there is always a re-solution, a new way, be creative.

... to be continued ...

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Article by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast - Brisbane

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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