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.... Why writing a journal is important and therapeutic

article by Dieter Luske - Copyright

Part 9 - Weight Loss Journal

Have you started your Weight loss Journal already? I am sure you have, if not, do it now … it will be extremely important for your success.

Here are some benefits of a Weight loss Journal:

You a going on a long journey, not only do you want to lose weight, but even better, you want to gain better health. Gaining or staying healthy means keeping the weight off, in addition to other lifestyle modifications.

See your journey a bit like a nice car trip, and obviously you need to know where you are driving too, you need  a good road map, enough petrol  and enough time to get to your destination.

By writing a journal, you will always be up to date of what you have done, what went well and worked for you, and what possibly went not as well, which will be the sections you will replaced with better working ones.

The journal will keep all this data and memory for you, no need to second-guess. You will know exactly why something is working and why not, and where exactly you are on your journey.

The other important data, we will collect, or rather you will, is your food intake, actually you will write down everything you eat or drink. Believe it or not, but that will help you not to eat certain things, because you simply don’t want to know and you don’t want to write it down, therefore you simply don’t eat it.

If you cheat, and eat something which you shouldn’t have, and don’t write it down, you will not be happy with yourself, therefor you will make sure you stay true to yourself, write it down and assure yourself not to do it again.

Here you go … 

Write down, what you eat and drink, absolutely everything, and add comments of how you feel after a meal or snack or drink, your moods or mood swings are very important to notice, even write possible reactions to specific foods, like headaches, skin rushes, hot flushes, itchy skin, dizziness etc.

While you are doing that, you will also introduce your new balanced lifestyle diet, which will start by cutting out food that has little nutritious value and is processed and full of artificial colouring and preservatives.

To make that activity more fun, whenever you have cut something out, you add up the money value of that item to see how much money you actually save on your improved diet. But, that is not all; you actually will take that money out of your purse and put it into your secret reward piggy bank.

It is amazing how much junk food cost, and how much cheaper fresh food is.

You also will write into a column your weight, in fact, 'Every Monday Morning', you will get stark naked and stand on your scale and weigh yourself.

Overcome the temptation to weigh yourself more often, we don’t want to know about little weight fluctuation which happen during the day, simply because of fluids and going to the toilette. We want to know the weight after one week, and ½ a kilo of weight loss per week is good enough, 1 kg is possible.

If you lose more weight, esp in the beginning, it is usually fluid. After the second week, the real weight loss starts to show, and that will be actually fat burned off.

Remember, if you are starting on an exercise program at the same time, you may gain a muscles, which are heavier than fat. However, without specific muscle work, you are not likely to gain more than 2 kg of weight in muscle over the first month period.

It is also important to know, that weight loss is achieved without being on a weight loss diet. Simply by improving your present diet will stimulate your metabolism to affect a positive change and burn some fat.

*It will be only after a prolonged time of safe weight loss, that you may plateau out, and that will be the time for you to go onto a weight loss diet for a certain time, to re-stimulate fat burning and your metabolism.

From than on you will swing back and force between your new improved diet and various weight loss diets.

The positive aspect of this program is that you never have to stay for a prolonged time on a weight loss diet or specific weight loss products, in fact this program is designed to work without the use of specific diet products.

The other positive factor is that you always will go back to your new improved diet and NOT back to your original diet, which started your weight problem.
That’s why it is vitally important to work out an improved diet you feel really happy with.

Something else very important to know, you never have to deprive yourself of something you truly like, or want to have from time to time. It is OK to go to dinner parties or have certain foods and drinks you know are not good for your weight.

Once you have achieved your goal, there is no problem in staying on a 75% optimal to a 25% entertainment ratio.

I hope you are motivated enough now to get cracking creating your journal.

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Article by:

Dieter L. Editor of useNature Gold Coast - Brisbane

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The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion or medical advice.

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