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What are Natural Health Resorts?

Whether you need to de-stress your mind and body or simply feel you need a relaxing break, a purposely designed Health Resort or Retreat will leave you with a renewed sense of health and wellbeing.

Natural Health Resorts have along history. Places to recuperate and regenerate have always been a around, and the emphasis has always been on a natural type approach. This was partly due because of it's long history, as before the advent of chemical interference, traditional medicine was based on a natural therapy approach.

We all know of world famous Health Resorts, and most of those have been naturally developed around health giving mineral type of healing waters. Some of those resorts have become that popular that whole cities have been transformed into Health Resort Cities. Such a well known Resort and Spa is Baden Baden in Germany.

Interestingly, the translation of the word baden, means "to bath", and that's exactly what Baden Baden is known for. It wasn't only the healthy springs which attracted the visitors, but also the lifestyle, which these days is probably more reserved for the rich and famous, esp., because Baden Baden has also a well known Casino, not that this adds to the health giving properties of the the resorts.

Today, most health resorts are based on providing a large range of Natural type of treatments, and healthy spring waters are still part of it for some, while others have build their health reputation on specific programs.

Most Health Resorts rely on good nutrition, and diet education, body therapies as well as lifestyle counselling. Guests usually can select programs or after an initial consultation are advised to what programs would suit them best.

Altogether it is an amazing experience, and it will eave you rejuvenated and in addition you will have learnt how to continue with a more healthy lifestyle.

Typicall Resort Services are:

Beauty Treatments - Massage - various Baths, eg; Mud Bath - Nutrition and Cooking Classes - Tai Chi - Yoga and also Relaxation and Meditation excercises.

Day Spas are of a similar nature, but designed as an 1 day or 1 appointment Urban City Health Wellbeing and Beauty Treatment Retreat

Related Modalities :

Naturopathy - Most Resorts do have a Naturopath on their staff

What is Naturopathy all about? - Demystifying Naturopathy

Why would you visit a Naturopath? Qualified Naturopaths are well equipped with a supportive "philosophy", as well as "scientific evidence" to boost overall health. 

Nutritionists - Diet coach for Health - Vitality - Weight - Allergies - A Nutritionist will focus on your individual special needs to define a diet for you...



Information provided by the editor of Use Nature, Dieter Luske

* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.

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