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... compiled by Dieter L. - Canungra - Gold Coast Hinterland

What will you be able to buy at an Organic Food Shop?


  • Fresh Organic Fruit And Vegetables

  • Sourdough Breads And Baked Goods

  • Organic Nuts, Dried Fruits, Cereals, Grains and Beans

  • Organic Chocolate

  • Gluten-Free wholefoods

  • Organic Dairy Products

  • Fresh Juices And Smoothies

  • Fresh Free-range Chickens/organic meats

  • Organic Baby Food

  • Organic Dog Food

  • Delivery of Organic Food

  • ... in short, everything which can be grown in an organic certified way and environment.

Organic food is for people who:

  • prefer Fruit, Vegatable and Meat all grown in a certfy organic way.

  • want to eat chemical- and GMO-free food

  • have chemical or wheat allergies and gluten intolerance

  • follow the blood-type and other diets

  • have dairy allergies

  • have dietary requirements related to their health or weight

  • want to support the organic farmers

  • Note: Just because som ecompanies lael their product with natural or organic, doesn't mean that they are, make sure to check the label, it needs to be certified Organinc to be sure.

More Organic Product Information here:

  1. useNature Organic Gardening Project - part of UseNature's History
  2. Organic Wine - Information about Organic and Preservatives free wines. Become aware of the different laws in different countries regarding what is allowed and what isn't.

Organic Gardening Tips - Listed here > Organic Garden Tips - Contact us

House Sculpture and Happy Garden Pictures (below)

The Organic Garden project works in conjunction with Giselle's Art Studio and Art Objects placed around the Garden and Studio, and additional "House Sculpturing" applied the our House and useNature's Office.

Information and recommendation provided by Dieter L. - Editor - Contact us here

useNAture's Organic Office Environment

useNature Office - All Organic :-)

House Sculpture - useNature Office

House Sculpture around the useNature Office
Verandah Door


House Sculpture -Door Decoration

House Sculpture - Window Decoration - useNature Office

More House Sculpture around the useNature Office Window


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Organic Garden Bed

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