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Natural Hormone Therapy explained ...

Information and resources on Natural Hormones in Male and Female Health and Hormonal associated problems including fertility aids.

... compiled by Dieter L. - Gold Coast

Discussing Natural Hormones ..

... is usually related to Hormone Replacement Therapy, however Hormones are extremely important in absolutely all of our physical, mental and metabolic functions, and therefore the aim of having a well balanced hormonal system is much more important than to limit it to replacement therapy.

To replace a human hormone, it would need to be replaced with a human hormone, everything else probably could not be regarded as natural.

Plant hormones, phytohormones or phytosterols, if applied to humans have a different hormone like chemical reaction, and they have been used for centuries. Pomegranates [1] by example, used to be a symbol of fertility, and as we know today, pomegranates are high in phytosterols.

Further scientific research has shown an increased intake of phytosterols to be associated with decreased cholesterol and decreased risk of some cancers, among others.

However, phytosterols are not like human endocrine gland produced hormones, instead, they have a "hormonal like" effect.

Plants, some, even without containing phytosterols, contain plant constituents other than phytosterols that can sometimes exert an estrogenic, or progesteronic effect.

Estrogen, is unique in this, as most other hormones and adrenocorticoids require precise molecular shapes to bind to receptors.

To explain this further, lets look at simple answers to a simple question:

What are Hormones?

The word Hormone derives from Greek and means "to spur on", which makes sense, as hormones start bodily processes for growth, development, and energy.

Hormones are chemicals produced by our glandular system that carry so called "messages" from the glands to cells within tissues and organs. They also maintain balance in our chemical levels in our blood.

Those messages have to reach a very specific "target", it's only than, that consequential hormonal functions are activated. Those messages and targets can only be met by human hormones, all others can not bind to those targets or receptors. That is obviously the reason why plant hormones can't replace hormones, and only ever can be used for their "hormone like" action.

There are two types of human hormones; steroids and peptides.


Steroids, generally speaking are sex hormones related to maturation and fertility, from puberty through to old age.

They are made from cholesterol, by the the body's adrenal or reproductive glands, such as Cortisol, which breaks down damaged tissue so that it can be replaced.

Medically speaking, if you are not producing enough steroid hormones, a Doctor may supplement pharmaceutically with estrogen and progesterone.

A Natural Therapist instead would look holistically into the cause of why you are not producing enough hormones, which could be as simple as stress, and use diet, herbs or other nutritional supplements to balance the system back to homeostasis.


Peptides are made from amino acids, referred to as protein hormones, which explains the importance of a balanced diet, providing enough essential amino acids.

Human growth hormone peptide, which has received a lot of attention, supports the body to burn fat and build muscles.

The other important peptide hormone is insulin, and related blood sugar problems can play havoc within your system, including your hormones.

Natural therapy is particularly well equipped in treating the symptoms of low blood sugar, late onset diabetics, insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome.

As we now know, many different chemical constituents, not only the phytosterols, can effect hormonal metabolism and action of the reproductive organs in animals.

Therefore if we talk about Natural Hormones as prescribed within the Holistic Natural Therapy System, we mainly talk about Herbs, Plants and Foods that have either a hormone like effect or are seen as pre-cursors to hormones or act as a hormone stimulator.

By example I have always used Sage [2] for night sweats or hot flushes, even so it is just regarded as a common garden herb by many.

Sage [2] is a carminative, antispasmodic, digestant, and by the way, high in zinc. Interestingly, as a hormonal agent, it contains phytosterols with estrogenic like action.

As a "drying" herb, it is useful for reducing mucous secretions and milk production, as well as reducing body heat and sweating. It is easy to grow, and you can use the fresh or dried leafs as a tea, or add some leafs to your green or black tea.

NOTE: sometimes, if you are lucky, hot flushes are eliminated by simply stopping drinking coffee, and caffeine drinks, as well as sugar.

Year after year, thousands of Australian women will experience menopause and possible menopause symptoms for the first time.

The development of Hormone Replacement Therapy, (HRT) has helped to relieve the symptoms associated with this natural phase of life, however there still is a question mark if a "drug treatment" is the best option for what is unquestionable a natural process.

Some of the reported side-effects has let many women questioning the safety of prolonged HRT treatment.

A great number of women stopped their conventional hormone therapy and many changed to alternative therapies.

Are natural hormone therapies better ?

Reading all of the above, "better" would be the wrong conclusion.

Most Natural Treatment is holistic and will consider symptoms in a holistic way.

Some Doctors may want to prescribe "Bio identical Hormones", which can be seen as an improvement, whereas a Naturopath may address symptoms and opt for an individual suited treatment that could include diet advice, eliminating food items which can stimulate hot flushes, and probably some supplements which have hormone like constituents.

If some of the tests or symptoms indicate bone-density issues, supplementation as well as diet and exercise would be recommended.

If your hormone levels are too high or too low, you may have a hormone disorder, which can also occur if your body does not respond to hormones the way it is supposed to.

Stress, infection and changes in your blood's fluid and electrolyte balance will influence hormone levels.

Stress in particularly has to be mentioned.

After Menopause, hormones a balanced by greater adrenal gland activity. If however, stress at a high level is present, it will interfere with the way the body is using those hormones.

Hormones also influence weight issues.

Stress, toxins, inflammation, yeast and bacteria infections all can cause hormonal imbalances possibly causing weight gain due to changes in your metabolism.

If you seek treatment for any hormonal issue, be it: menopause - weight - sugar related or any others, there are several Natural Therapy modalities practiced which will be of support.

Article supplied by the editor of use Nature - Dieter Luske

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