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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Jack Hammond, Gold Coast Compounding Pharmacist

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical HRT

Article by Jack Hammond, Gold Coast Compounding Pharmacist

(M.Pharm, B.Pharm Sci.) - Member; A5M Anti-ageing academy

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Discussing Hormone Replacement Therapy

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What is Bioidentical HRT?

Bioidentical HRT uses hormones with the same structure as the hormones produced by the human body, whereas synthetic hormones have the structure appropriate for horses, with only approximately 30% identical to human hormones.

Bioidentical HRT is prepared by a compounding pharmacist and not available from a drug manufacturer.

Bioidentical HRT uses progesterone, not progestin, and different estrogens (estriol, estradiol and estrone) either as a single-ingredient or multiple-ingredient prescription

Bioidentical HRT individualized or customized to each woman's needs, symptoms, hormone levels, etc., and can be easily adjusted;

Bioidentical HRT is prepared in a dosage form, ie, troche, capsule, cream, or suppository, based on what your doctor recommends and what you prefer.

What else do we do at as Gold Coast Compounding Pharmacists?


A cream may be prescribed as it has a few advantages over other forms of drug delivery. A hormonal cream is to be applied to an unexposed area of the body (as it allows the best absorption)


Capsules can be manufactured according to your individual needs. Once a script is written for a capsule dosage form, the pharmacist can tailor the specific dose to the specifications on the prescription.


Troche is similar to a lozenge. It is a small (10mmx10mm) lozenge that is placed between the cheek and gum and allowed to dissolve (without swallowing whole). Troches contain the natural hormone in a base that can be easily cut into 1/2's and 1/4's. 


Our HCG nasal sprays come in different strengths and different dosage forms. The usual dosage is 50iu/spray for the nasal spray or sublingual drops. We can increase or decrease the dosage according to your prescription. 

Vitamin/Amino Acid Capsules:

We use the highest quality nutritionals and work with many of Australia leading doctors in Vitamin and Mineral compounding.

What are Hormones?

The word Hormone derives from Greek and means; "to spur on", which makes sense, as hormones start bodily processes for growth, development, and energy.

Hormones are chemicals produced by our glandular system that carry so called "messages" from the glands to cells within tissues and organs. They also maintain balance in our chemical levels in our blood.

Those messages have to reach a very specific "target", it's only than, that consequential hormonal functions are activated.

There are two types of human hormones; steroids and peptides.

1 - Steroids

Steroids, generally speaking are sex hormones related to maturation and fertility, from puberty through to old age. They are made from cholesterol, by the the body's adrenal or reproductive glands, such as Cortisol, which breaks down damaged tissue so that it can be replaced.

Medically speaking, if you are not producing enough steroid hormones, a Doctor may supplement pharmaceutically with estrogen and progesterone.

2 - Peptides

Peptides are made from amino acids, referred to as protein hormones, which explains the importance of a balanced diet, providing enough essential amino acids.

Human growth hormone peptide, which has received a lot of attention, supports the body to burn fat and build muscles.

The other important peptide hormone is insulin, and related blood sugar problems can play havoc within your system, including your hormones.

Year after year, thousands of Australian women will experience menopause and possible menopause symptoms for the first time.

The development of Hormone Replacement Therapy, (HRT) has helped to relieve the symptoms associated with this natural phase of life, however there still is a question mark if a "drug treatment" is the best option for what is unquestionable a natural process.

Some of the reported side-effects has let many women questioning the safety of prolonged HRT treatment.

A great number of women stopped their conventional hormone therapy and many changed to Bioidentical HRT.

If you are interested in learning more about bioidentical HRT, please contact us for further information.

Article by - Jack Hammond, Gold Coast Compounding Pharmacist


* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.

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