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Improving the Odds

Active Prevention and Health Improvement

Article: The Coronavirus and Holistic Active Prevention - Improving the Odds

Coronavirus - Improving the Odds

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Active Prevention and Health Improvement 

NEWS: Global evidence shows that obese individuals have a greater COVID-19 infection rate, and higher mortality compared to fit and lean individuals.

Obesity, is a lifestyle disease, and directly induces a number of other lifestyle diseases, like cardiovascular problems and diabetes that heighten the risk of infection and severe symptoms developing, largely through deficiencies in the immune response of the body and micro biota.

UseNature's recommendation is to improve health and urges the Government to commence a Health Campaign.

60 % of people are affected by "Lifestyle Diseases", which as the name suggest, can be improved by changing ones Lifestyle.

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* References:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your state of Health

The Coronavirus is keeping the world in suspense. - In Australia the response has been good, and the rate of infection at this point is well controlled and cared for.

The ramification of the global pandemic will have a dramatic effect on all levels of our life.

The main fear is the fact that people are dying, not the catching of the virus and be sick for a week.

Anxiety, even panic has been observed and is likely to increase.

What is the recommended defence against that virus?

  1. Wash your hands - Most important

  2. Avoid close contact - keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres.

  3. If suspecting infection, self quarantine and contact medical system.

  4. AND ... useNature recommends for everyone to wear a Mask!
    a.) It's a simple method to lesson the impact of direct droplets from coughing or speaking - landing in your face.
    b.) It also stops you from touching your face.
    c.) and it looks more serious, therefore other people are more likely to keep the recommended distance.

The Medical System has NO recommendation in regards of how to Improve Health - with the view of a person becoming less susceptible - or, if infected, to be more likely to overcome the effect of the infection with out complications.

Contact your natural medicine practitioner for Natural Health Support ...

NOTE: Please, at no time confuse "supporting health" with a "medical treatment for a viral infection - ALWAYS, contact your medical practitioner if an infection is suspected.."

We need to improve the Odds to stay alive!

The medical system has never embraced the concept of improving Health, we have to do that ourselves.

Is there anything a person can do to increase the odds of getting out of this without complication or worse?

Lets have a look at the history of medicine to get some clues of what to do to overcome this virus.

  • Louis Pasteur, French; was a well-known chemist and biologist famous for “pasteurisation”, a germ theory and the development of vaccines.
    He along with German physician Robert Koch, is considered one of the fathers of the germ theory.

  • Bèchamp, (1816-1908) French; known for his breakthroughs in chemistry and a rival of Pasteur. - Bèchamp said that microorganisms come in many forms, because of these finding he also says that ‘diseases develops from inside the body. ‘

  • Claude Bernard (1813-1878), was a physiologist. - The famous quote; “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything”, is attributed to him.

Claude Bernard and Antoine Bechamp , believed "disease was a condition of imbalance in the internal terrain of body".

  • They emphasized the context or environment, the TERRAIN , in which germs lived.

  • On the one hand, if the terrain was balanced (homeostatic), then germs could not flourish.

  • On the other hand, if the terrain were out of balance, then germs would thrive.

The medical model, relies in large measure upon the tenets of germ theory, thereby, rendering humans as the "Reactive" targets - at the mercy of microbes.

In contrast; the Natural Preventive Perspective shifts the focus from the power of germs and puts the emphasis on the environment, the terrain, in which microbes seek to live.

… anything that negatively alters the terrain, causes disease by upsetting homeostasis.

The 5 main Lifestyle choices that lead to susceptibility to disease:

1. Poor nutrition, bad choices, too much alcohol, drugs, sugar and processed de-natured food.

2. Inactivity, lack of stretching, cardio vascular and weight bearing exercise, as well as under breathing, shallow breathing,

3. Structural Imbalance, skeletal and muscular problems caused by work and wrong lifestyle choices.

4. Negative thoughts/emotions, attitudes related to self-destructive actions.

5. Environmental toxins (primarily man-made chemicals and heavy metals)

Therefore, it is very important to get the body into balance and keep it in balance by ACTIVE PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE.

It is impossible to create enough drugs and antiseptics to kill the seemingly infinite number of microbes and their potential to mutate into more virulent variations. Indeed the overuse of Antibiotics has lead to the creation of so called "Super Bugs".

People "need to be provided" practical methods to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit, along with the necessary education of how to live a healthy preventative lifestyle to keep the "Terrain in Balance".

Today, with our all time high use of of antibiotic drugs, chemical pesticides and herbicides, antibacterial soaps and spays, a germaphobic society has resulted.

It can be suspected that all of these practices have interfered with the body’s natural micro biome and impaired our immunity.

Nourishing the Terrain means Active Preventative Holistic Health Care

The key is ‘Active Prevention”, it means "Actively Changing Lifestyle Habits".

Active Prevention in relation to viral infections.

The aim is to be as healthy as one possibly can be, and take the necessity steps to achieve that.

Those steps will be different for each individual, as we all have a different starting position.

Those steps are of particular importance to individuals over 60, and individuals with existing health problems.

The way to stay healthy; is making informed choices , and giving your body a helping hand by focusing on positive sustainable healthy lifestyle.

The general steps are the following:

  1. Adopt a highly nutritious diet, cut out processed de-natured food, sugar and limit alcohol. - Start replacing processed food with fresh food, as simple as that.

  2. Start Meditation, stay positive and limit stress and all self-destructive lifestyle habits. - Stress lowers immunity, so does fear.
    Feel more in control by actively increasing your health and as less fear you will have.

  3. Ventilate your lungs with deep Breathing Exercise
  4. Start a light exercise routine, don’t over do it. Too much exercise can lower immunity.

  5. Get enough sleep and rest.

  6. Correct Nutrient Deficiencies, or increase nutrients which are known to have a supportive function for general health and immunity.

  7. Don't drink ice or cold fluids - WHY? .. please read on.

Facts we know about this Virus

  1. The virus does NOT do well in sunlight, warm temperature and humidity.

  2. The Virus is transmitted better in a Cold and Dry climate, and conditions!

  3. The Virus will flourish in Winter and may diminish in Summer

  4. The virus can survive on hard surfaces for about 12 hours,

  5. The virus can survive on clothes and tissues between 6 and 12 hours.

  6. The virus can survive on our hands for only about 10 minutes.

  7. The virus can be propelled from an infected person via Coughing or Sneezing, singing, and even via Speaking.

Knowing these 7 facts, will help to adopt some logic and common sense precaution action!

  1. Stop the Virus from doing well:
    If you can, spend time in the sun, stay warm and drink a lot of warm fluids. - Have a sunbath everyday, it may help with your Vit D production which may be helpful with boosting immunity. - The Sun's UV rays may kill the virus!
    Hot drinks such as teas, broths or hot water can be consumed often during the day. More if you are in contact with many people.
    Hot liquids may kill the Virus, or slow down the Virus and may stop it from entering the lungs.
    Keep your mouth and throat wet, never DRY - If you are with many people, zip hot water or tea every 15 min.- The virus may get flushed down directly into the stomach where gastric acids destroy the virus. - If there is not enough water, the virus can pass into the trachea and from there to the lungs.
    Gurgling with disinfectant may minimize the amount of virus that can enter the throat.

  2. STOP drinking ice water or drinks with ice cubes, or cold or refrigerated drinks. - Have less cold food and more Hot food, esp. soups, like Chicken Soup.

  3. In Australian, we are progressing towards Winter - Winter is the more critical temperature. - Do everything to stay warm - Including the warm drinks and warm foods.

  4. Often clean hard surfaces - as more people are in contact with those hard surfaces, as more often one needs to clean those surfaces. - In addition keep washing your hands. - Disinfect things touched often: cell phone, keyboard, mouse, car steering wheel, door handles, etc

  5. If in contact with many people, wash your cloth daily. - Common detergents, and hot water will kill it -

  6. Washing your hands is essential. - We have the habit of touching our face, after we have touched hard surfaces or clothing, which can infect you with the virus.

  7. Maintain at least 1,5 metres distance between yourself and anyone who is talking to you.
    Maintain at least 3 meters if someone is coughing or sneezing, this will allow the virus fall to the ground and prevent it from falling on you.

Anyone over 60 - or anyone who has an existing Health Problem - may need to take extra care.

Extra care should be discussed with your medical practitioner, or if a medical practitioner can not advice, a Naturopath will be able to support your Health.

NOTE: Please, at no time confuse "supporting health" with a "treatment for a viral infection."

Why extra care - the facts:

  1. As we get older, most of us experience a decline of digestive function - digestive juices.
    With reduce digestive function, there will be reduced nutrient absorption. - With less nutrient absorption, there will be a sub-optimal nutritional status, which can lead to sub-optimal health related condition.
    *That's why we recommend to improve your nutritional status or supplement.

  2. It is often said, that all required nutrients are provided by a good diet. - However, "Who has a perfect balanced diet?"

  3. Most people have NOT a perfect diet., and therefore are at risk of a sub-optimal nutritional status

  4. 60% of people are overweight, which is a health risk factor in itself, and is indicating a subsequent sub-optimal nutritional status.

  5. Anyone with a pre-existing health issue, will have additional nutritional needs.

Anyone over 60, or anyone with an existing Health Problem may have a need for extra nutrition, which may be given as a nutritional supplement. - Supplements need to be recommended on an individual basis only.

General Supplements to be helpful :

  1. Vit C, may help individuals if their levels are sub-optimal. - There is an increased need for Vit, C, if infections are present.

  2. *Zinc levels, are often at sub-optimal levels in the elderly

  3. *Vitamin D deficiency is affecting almost one quarter of the population

  4. *Vitamin B12 deficiency in Australian residential aged care facilities

  5. Magnesium has shown often to be low

Editorial Comments: 26.05.2020 | 30.04.2020 | 21.04.2020 | 11.04.2020 | 4.04.2020

Editorial Comment: 10.06.2020

With recent events highlighting the for ever unsolvable problems of racial inequality, the Covid 19 virus had to step back and to make room for social reforms.

We have many problems on our beutiful planet, all of which could be solved easily if we would all support each other. Just imagine, countries, political systems, religions, people would support each other, rather than fighting each other, what a beautiful world we would live in.

Even so creating peace on earth is the most important issue, lets focus on issues people are demonstrating for now.

Climate Change, Covid policy fall out, and Racial inequality. - Today, I like to address the issue of Aboriginals, and the sadness I feel that equality has not been achieved. - A long time ago, in 1975, North Qld, I was standing on a remote beach observing an Aboriginal with a long stick, standing knee deep in water, hunting for fish, and he got one. - I was fascinated, and went to talk to him. Thirty minutes later I had a new perspective about Aboriginals. He had educated me, and in that process wiped out everything I had heard before. - That aboriginal, who was a teacher, but labeled 'trouble maker' because he spoke his mind, told me the solution that still has not been implemented. - "The Government is NOT listing to what aboriginals want", he explained.

That is what I learnt in 1975 - Today in 2020 the Uluru Statement of the Heart, as a voice to parliament, a representative body giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders a say in law and policy affecting them, - 'has been rejected', the government is still not listening. - Maybe, just maybe, the renewed demonstrations will change this.

Editorial Comment: 26.05.2020

All Lifestyle diseases are preventable and all lifestyle diseases carry the risk of a fatal ending if one contracts Covid 19.

The Covid 19 epidemic situation has been relaxed slightly, we are doing well and more relaxation is eagerly awaited. - Qld is pressured to open it’s borders, but to no avail. - Is that the right move? Who knows. It is always easier to judge in hindsight. - However, we are living in an artificial bubble. It may feel save for the moment, but it causes a lot of hardship. - One thing seems for sure, waiting for a vaccine will not be the ultimate solution, and it may not even eventuate. - Some scientist argue that because of the nature of the virus it is unlikely that we will be able to create an effective vaccination.

My personal wish list is to concentrate on treatment and prevention. - We all know by now that for most people the viral infection comes with only mild symptoms. Therefore the main aim should be concentrated on people who are vulnerable, and those people need a treatment to dampen the inflammation. The vulnerable population should also be encourage to become extremely responsible for their own health and practice active prevention.

The virus needs to enter the body, and the most convenient way for the virus is entering via mouth and nose. Can that doorway to disaster be controlled in any way? A mask is one obvious barrier, but could we invent some other ways to stop the virus entering the body?

The immune system is getting weaker as we get older, surely that is part of the equation. And existing health problems such as lifestyle diseases seem to have the greatest negative impact.

What will be the next step in keeping our citizens healthy?

Is it time the government initiates effective campaigns to lower “Lifestyle Diseases? It has worked to a certain degree for smoking. And as we know smoking is one of the issues to make you more vulnerable to Covid 19.

All Lifestyle diseases are preventable and all lifestyle diseases carry the risk of a fatal ending if one contracts Covid 19.
Even without the virus, cardiovascular disease, a lifestyle disease, has a death rate of over 15000 per year. (2018 - 17,533)

Surely governments need to launch a campaign to enhance the health of its citizen and specifically for the elderly and vulnerable people. Much can be done, but much has been neglected in the area of prevention, a healthy lifestyle and optimal nutrition.

Editorial Comment: - 30.04.2020

In Australia we have reached a good Corona outcome - as the saying goes; "so far so good". Lets not forget that we have placed ourselves into a corona free bubble. We still have to get out of that bubble, and that is where the second wave, which is anticipated, needs to be stopped. - Therefore, even with relaxed restrictions we have to keep doing what we have learnt - social distance - washing hands, and we probably have to forgo shaking hands forever. - Social distance has not only kept the corona virus in check, but by doing that, we have successfully reduced "infectious type of diseases". - As I mentioned before, in 2017 we had 1,255 deaths due to influenza. We don't want such high numbers ever again.

This year, the infection rate is predicted to be much lower, and not only for influence, but for other infectious diseases as well. - Which begs the question, how can we keep up social distance and super hygiene without interfering with our busy lifestyles?

For starters, hand washing should have been always a priority, and that can be extended to using sanitizer where one can't wash. - Shaking hands is out. - BUT by far the most important habit and "attitude" is that of staying home when we are sick, even with a cold or flu. - The marketing and commercial of "Soldier On", has to be banished from our minds forever. - And in case there is still a TV commercial which encourages us to to take a tablet to "soldier on" needs to be stopped.

By soldiering on, we spread the flu and a cold, and other infectious diseases, and of course the Corona Virus. - By soldiering on, we all have been part of spreading the flu, which in 2017 has killed 1,255 people.

One more point I like to make today, Pollution - Carbon Dioxide". As we know, pollution has been decreased dramatically all over the world. - Do we want pollution back? - How can we better minimise pollution once cars are back on roads and airplanes flying again? - Can the government subsidise E-Cars?

Pollution is not only an inconvenience, it is much more - it is killing people. - Carbon Dioxide levels in people are higher in polluted cities. There has been scientific evidence that in cities with higher pollution, people had a worse outcome from Covid 19. - We know that smoking is bad, living in pollution is like smoking constantly.

This of course makes Climate Change even more relevant.

*Air pollution linked to raised Covid-19 death risk

** Air pollution linked to far higher Covid-19 death rates, study finds

Editorial Comment: - 21.04.2020

The curve has flattened - this is a good thing, but it only means that we are living in a bubble. Flattening the curve will NOT be the End of the virus, it will be the beginning. - We have done a great job, but the hardest job is still ahead of us.

From now up on - if we let it - Corona Viruses will dictate our life. If the bubble we are living in, is opened, it will trigger fear that infections will spread again. - However, we have learnt a lot. We know that 80% of infections are mild, with little or no symptoms. - We have recognised that the rate of fatalities might have been misrepresented. - Did people die With, or From corona viruses? - In most cases previous illnesses were the decisive factor, and many people may have died from the yearly flu as well. - Of course, this is no consolation, but an indication that if we can protect the elderly than we may ease restriction.

We have no choice, we need to open the bubble, while protecting the elderly, and we need to aim for natural immunity. - Experts from the fields of virology, immunology and epidemiologist recommend natural immunisation of the general population, while protecting risk groups, and strict monitoring.

In Australia, in 2017 - 1,255 deaths were due to influenza. *** ... despite vaccination. - With what we have learnt about social distances and hygiene, and if we can keep that going to a certain extend, it may also protect us from the next flu season.

Even if we wait to open the bubble, till a corona vaccination will arrive, it will not be a guaranty that the virus will curl up and die.

Considering the low death rate from the virus, and that it affects mainly the elderly with a previous illnesses, in my opinion, it makes much more sense to protect that group, and to accelerate a suitable treatment, rather than to wait for a vaccine. - Lets do everything to protect the elderly with previous illnesses and lifestyle diseases.

Life will NOT go back to normal, as sooner we will understand that, as better we can prepare. Creativity and innovation are the new keywords. Many people may not get their old jobs back - Read - learn - innovate - work for yourself - think and create your own lifestyle.

Even with Australia possibly going back to more manufacturing, not relying on imports as much, it will NOT create many new jobs. - New technology and robotics will need less people employed.

We are going through massive changes. -There will be a huge acceleration of technology application. - Make sure those changes work out positive for you.

Editorial Comment: - 11.04.2020

Lets assume that the government has done all the 'right' steps required to stop the virus, social distances included and all that for the good of all.

Now what? The famous curve we are made all aware of seems to flatten, which is obviously a good sign. However that by itself is not a solution, the virus is still lurking somewhere only to reappear once the strict social distance rules are relaxed. - Is it all about the time factor now? When will we see relaxed social distance rules? - Some of those rules feel draconian, restricting all personal freedoms. This must be reversed as soon as possible without putting elderly people into risk.

What can we do? It's time to take up responsibility for your own health. As soon as the Government will relax conditions, everyone needs to be responsible, and act accordingly. The Government can't protect us forever. - Is your health compromised, will you likely have a severe reaction if you are infected with the virus? Everyone who is at risk, will need to stay with the draconian style of rules. For the rest of the population, social distances measures need to be slowly relaxed in such a way that the results can be measured.

Responsibility doesn't end there. - If you accept responsibility for your own health, please also accept that it is up to you to be in the best health you could be. - Carefully check your lifestyle and habits - what is healthy and what is detrimental to your health? - Correct such health giving issues such as diet, exercise, sleep, mental attitude and habits. - Smoking, drinking too much, or having a bad diet, while sitting on a couch watching TV will not cut it anymore in the age of Covid 19.

One issue which sadly has not been discussed by the government, the medical system and the media, is the issue of "How to improve ones Health"

Everyone knows we also have a "Lifestyle Disease Epidemic". As the name suggest, lifestyle diseases are mainly caused by lifestyle, and if addressed can be corrected by lifestyle.

Everyone inflicted by lifestyle diseases, will also have a sub-optimal level of available nutrients within their system.

Once one has a health issue, certain nutrients are in greater demand, and need to be supplied, if not by the diet, than by nutritional supplements.

Failure to correct the general health of our society will add risk factors to a possible negative outcome once infected with the virus.

Examples of nutrient deficiencies important for Immunity:

*Zinc, important for immunity, and often is short supply by people having a sub optimal diet and the elderly.

*Vitamin D deficiency is affecting almost one quarter of the population and levels are related to activity, obesity, and season.

*Vitamin B12 deficiency in Australian residential aged care facilities

Summary: Multivitamin supplementation may help prevent deficiency, and potentially treat existing deficiencies in older institutionalised people.

Will society be up for the challenge of creating health, and everyone accepting responsibility for their own health, rather than a depending on government possible protective measures? - The Government will not be able to protect us forever.


* Zinc deficiency in the elderly

** Vitamin D deficiency

*** Vitamin B12 deficiency

**** 2017 Influenza Stats

Also read, Lifestyle Disease Epidemic

Editorial Comment: - 4.04.2020

With the Corona virus around, lifestyle may have changed forever.- Has the government done too much or not enough to take the risk of infection away from the population? - One thing is sure, this is not the first virus, and it will not be the last one. - Microbes, like bacteria and viruses are everywhere, and there will Never be a way to kill them all. - And - billions of microbes are living in harmony within our body. Most are Not harmful, instead, they are needed to digest food, protect against infection, and even maintain your health. - Whenever we try to kill one specific microbe, we may also kill many beneficial microbes. - In fact, if we try to stay external microbe free, we would have to live in a bubble, and as soon we would leave that protective bubble we would succumb to an infection.

What does this mean to our response to the Corona Virus? - Does Australia, from now up on, has to shut down, whenever a new virus comes along, or is there a different way to deal with an epidemic? Is there a possibility to be more selective of what to shut down and what to protect? And ... why are we not doing more to protect ourselves, in regards of improving our health and immune system? - After all, as with most infection, anyone in excellent health will have only mild symptoms and will acquire natural immunity. Can we add more support and research for - how to "increase health and a strong immune system"? It should not come as a surprise that elderly people, esp. those in nursing homes, often have a "sub-optimal" nutritional status, - surely there is a way to improve that.

Ultraviolet Lights can effectively eliminate the virus from surfaces.

Because the virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat, therefore ultraviolet radiation can effectively eliminate the virus.

Your best option to disinfect hard surfaces is always to use a microfiber cloth, and disinfectant, physically wipe these microbes away.

In addition an ultraviolet (UV) light can be used to sanitize hard surfaces, and equipments and gadgets, like mobile phones and keyboards, etc.

NOTE: Be careful, ultra violet light is to be used only in rooms when no one is present. It is good to use in offices or similar, at night time, when no one enters that room.

The amount of exposure to ultraviolet light depends on room size and distance of the surface from the light.

Longer exposure time will lead to more effective disinfections.

Important Websites:

World Health Organization - (WHO) regarding COVID-19
Australian Health Department - Coronavirus (COVID-19)
* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.  

Article by .... Dieter Luske

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