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Lifestyle Disease Epidemic - Active Prevention

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Dieter Luske - N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H - Active Prevention

* Active Prevention means a person has to perform a lifestyle changing action, by either including or excluding lifestyle habits.

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Lifestyle Diseases … as we all know…. are Preventable!

So ….. why don’t we prevent Lifestyle Disease? - What stops us? - Or is it 'who' stops us?

It is well known fact that lifestyle choices are a major influence on our general health, with LIFESTYLE DISEASE now ranking in the top 10 disease statistics.
Even without considering general health and ‘just’ concentrating on the elimination of lifestyle diseases, societies’ health issues would be dramatically reduced.

NOTE: Covid 19

With Covid 19 causing havoc around the globe, it has become important to be as healthy as possible. - People with compromised health issues are more likely to have adverse outcomes when contracting Covid 19. - People who are healthy may have no or little symptoms, they are often called asymptomatic. - Being overweight, or having any lifestyle disease, may increase the risk for complications. - Work on your Health

The key of how to prevent Lifestyle Diseases couldn't be more obvious;

Active Prevention Health Care Strategies need to be implemented.

I wonder, why our government and medical system are not acting more decisive to prevent lifestyle disease? They have done well with smoking, now they need to do well with lifestyle diseases.

The number one threat to human life on the planet today is the crisis of Chronic Lifestyle Disease.
Here are some media headlines:

  • Lifestyle Diseases have reached epidemic proportions.

  • The World Health Organization has declared chronic lifestyle diseases the number one killer on the planet.

  • Chronic lifestyle disease is now the cause of over fifty percent of deaths worldwide.

  • Lifestyle Diseases (non-communicable diseases), including cardiovascular diseases (CVD), diabetes, obesity, cancer and respiratory diseases, now account for 59% of the 57 million deaths annually and 46% of the global burden of disease.

  • A change in dietary habits, physical activity and tobacco control, have a major impact in reducing the rates of these chronic diseases, often in a relatively short time.

  • Heart attacks and strokes kill about 12 million people every year; another 3.9 million die from hypertensive and other heart conditions.

  • More than one billion adults worldwide are overweight; at least 300 million of them are clinically obese.

Do we really want to hear more headlines?

Active Prevention, as in sustained educational and behavioural interventions has been proven to successfully reduce lifestyle disease risk factors.

Over the past several decades, research has shown that these chronic diseases are preventable in large part if we learn to make different choices.

What are the factors that have caused this dramatic increase in lifestyle diseases?  

Change for the worse; diet habits, physical activity levels, stress levels, poverty, alcohol, tobacco and drug use, more industrialization, urbanization, economic development and increasing food globalizations.

The Solution - Active Prevention: 

A multi-faceted approach and Holistic Solution is required.

“Dietary, physical activity and smoking cessation programs should be integral to both the prevention and management of chronic diseases.
Unfortunately, not enough of government’s resources are directed that way. 

In fact, resources are directed towards ‘Disease Maintenance’ treating the effects of chronic disease, rather than correcting the cause.

It gets even worse, government regulation bodies such as the NHMRC, ruled 17 Natural Modalities as NOT effective, totally disregarding natural modalities' major input and success in Active Prevention.

Indeed, constant attacks against various Natural Therapy Health Modalities, such as Naturopathy has made it even harder for the public to seek Active Prevention or Natural Health Lifestyle improvement.

Wouldn’t you think that with Australia’s medical system being one of the best in the world, we would have conquered lifestyle diseases a long time ago?

Medical test, early detection and vaccination are often heralded as the cream of prevention, but those are only ‘Passive Prevention’ tools, obviously important, but they do nothing for ‘Active Prevention’, meaning they do nothing to motivate or activate people to modify their lifestyle and take responsibility for their own health.

Even more unfortunate is the government’s position on taking health advice mainly from the medical system, thereby omitting valuable advice and research on Natural Holistic Health and Active Prevention.

NOTE: The government needs to recognize that Lifestyle Diseases are not preventable by vaccination or early detection.

Lifestyle Diseases are only preventable by active sustainable programs to educate and activate people to embrace lifestyle changes and improve their own health.
Medical Doctors have no time to sit with a patient and talk about attitudes towards health and diet, exercise, stress control, alcohol abuse, shopping behaviours, poverty, drug dependencies and more.
Natural Therapists, such as Naturopaths do take the time and are experts in Lifestyle change and improvements on a Holistic level, meaning a multi-faceted approach towards health.

It is not enough for a Doctor to recommend a better diet.

A diet has to be taught and understood by the patient. It may come with a shopping guide or even healthy cooking classes. Only if the patient embraces those changes can success be guaranteed.

The Holistic Active Preventative Natural Health System supports health; it’s main objective is in improving health; the optimal position to treat successful for preventing lifestyle disease.

The Medical System, under the watchful eyes of the Government has not been capable of preventing lifestyle disease. - A NEW approach is needed!

Active Prevention is the Future of Sustainable Health Care

useNature as a body of Support for Active - Holistic Prevention strategies, urges the government to consider the following:

A reimbursement & regulatory system that prioritises and encourages Health Promotion and Active Prevention.

Why Active?

  1. Activation of a Patient is one of the key differences between the natural and the medical system. The medical system keeps patients Passive.

  2. ACTIVE Prevention, includes to actively changing lifestyle habits, the patients has to be active.

Why Holistic?

  1. Holistic practices and modalities will ensure that Natural Therapies will continue to be innovators in Preventative Health Care, recognising the Individuality of Patients and their Specific Preventative Requirements.

  2. Holistic is including mind, body and spiritual modalities, as well as cultural, ethnical and behavioural and social attributes.

  3. Prevention is achieved by a multitude of approaches, it is an individual process of activating a patient within their physical, emotional, mental, personal and social environment.

Recommended Government action:

  1. Special Budget consideration for Active Prevention and related programs.

  2. Lifestyle education at schools

  3. Food and Drink marketing regulation

  4. Elimination of poverty

  5. Re-instating the 17 natural therapies NHMRC had ruled as NOT effective back into the private health refund policies.

And finally a general note:
… don’t wait for the government or medical system to embrace active prevention for lifestyle diseases.

Instead embrace prevention and a healthy lifestyle yourself, and share your insight with family and friends ...

In health … Dieter Luske

Article by:
Dieter Luske - N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H Editor for

* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor. 

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