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Article: Treatment Protocols - Colouring in and Visualisation

Brain Plasticity - Colouring in and Visualisation

..... by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Colouring "in" Therapy Templates

As we have learned, Brain Plasticity can be greatly influenced by "visualisation".

Not everyone finds it easy to visualise an actual images within their own minds eye.

The "second" best way to improve your visualisation capabilities is to look at a picture, than close your eyes and visualise that picture. Open your eyes again, look at the picture again, and visualise again, and you do that .... again and again, till you have mastered the mental art of visualisation.

By now you may be curious about the best way to improve visualisation.

The "First & Best Way" to improve visualisation, and at the same time experience other beneficial profound effects within yourself, is to actually draw a picture, colour it in, and than you do above visualisation exercise.

That gives you the best of both worlds, good visualisation and a relaxed meditative state.

Here are the benefits of art or drawing, or colouring in:

  • Relaxation, and a meditative state, relieves stress.

  • Helps to access the Alpha brain wave for regeneration and creativity.

  • It is an enjoyable way to get into mindfulness.

  • Self-appreciation and therefore Self-esteem.

  • Inspiration for new activities, drawings or paintings.

  • May inspire you to take up art and develop creative abilities.

  • Improve hand - eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

  • Increases attention span and ability to concentrate.

  • .. and finally; "you will be able to visualize", and support yourself with visualisation therapy.

To take this one step further, esp if you start to enjoy the art and drawing, join an Art Class ... or an Adult Colouring In Class

Brain Visualisation Picture Drawing Templates, to be PRINTED out and COLOURED IN

Copy template or draw your own - colour it in - look at it intensely - close eyes and visualize it - open eyes - close again, repeat till you can visualize the picture easily. - Do the same with the second picture.

Brain in Pain

Colour In - Picture Template

Brain Plasticity - Chronic Pain Visualisation Picture Drawing Template


Brain in Pain

Example of colouring in

Brain Plasticity - Chronic Pain Visualisation Picture Drawing


Brain in "NO" Pain

Colour In - Picture Template

Brain Plasticity - NO Pain Visualisation Picture Drawing Template


Brain in "NO" Pain

Example of colouring in

Brain Plasticity - NO Pain Visualisation Picture


For stress reducing Colouring In Templates, or Colouring in Classses see: Adult Colouring In

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Please contact me directly for more info or Research Participation: Dieter L. - Editor


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