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Chiropractic is a physical treatment modality and profession which specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions that are due to mechanical dysfunction of the joints and their effects on the nervous system.

Chiropractors use their hands to adjust the joints of your spine and extremities where signs of restrictions in movements are found, improving mobility and relieving pain.

This treatment is known as 'adjustment' or 'manipulation'.

Chiropractic has been practiced and is well recognised for many years now. Clients often report of instant results, and those with chronic back or neck or joint problems find a steady improvement back to mobility, no pain and vital health.

Personally, the first Chiropractor on the Gold Coast I have consulted for a lower back spasm, was Peter Pedersen.

Peter operates a successful clinic on the Gold Coast, see below listing and picture...

Chiropractic treatment for back and neck pain is the most effective treatment for returning you back to health.

Back pain that many experience is likely a build up of many events culminating in "the straw that broke the camel’s back scenario", for example a sneeze or reaching for an object can trigger huge spasms without apparent cause.

Neck pain is much the same and can show up after sleeping incorrectly or after a repetitive strain injury. If back pain or neck pain is left alone it may feel better but comes usually back worse later, days, weeks or months.- It is important to seek physical treatment to keep your spine well aligned and your muscles relaxed.

Our recommendation is to seek massage treatment to loosen your muscles before chiropractic adjustments, however, many Chiropractors will use hot towel or massage therapies to do just that.

Recommended Chiropractor

Dr. Peter Pedersen - Your Health Matters - Naturopathy - Chiropractic - Osteopathy - 63 Warrener St Nerang QLD Australia 4211 - 07 5527 3001

Andreas Marzini - Naturopathic Clinic - Coomera Qld. - Pain Management - Sports Injury - Internal Health - Allergies - Infertility - Weight Management - Cancer Support, and more

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Your Health Matters - Nerang Naturopathic & Chiropractic Clinic

Your Health Matters

Nerang Chiropractic & Naturopathic Clinic
Cnr. Nerang/Broadbeach Rd's - 63 Warrener St. Nerang

Chiropractic - Osteopathy
Naturopathy - Massage - Acupuncture


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