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Article/Research: Brain Plasticity based Therapy Concepts

Brain Plasticity Therapy Principles and Concepts

..... by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H
Holistic Therapy Consultant - Gold Coast - Canungra


Brain in Pain visualisationForemost, and to stress this point; most importantly, it needs to be acknowledge, that Brain Plasticity and it's therapy concepts are truly of a Holistic Nature.

Any brain plasticity concept based therapy, requires the active, whole hearted involvement of the "whole patient", not just their pain associated body parts.

Many patients are passive within their medical treatment, but with brain plasticity based therapy, the patients does most of the work towards their own healing.

This approach, which is paramount in holistic healing principles, has its origin in traditional medical history. Hippocrates himself advocated and saw the body as the main healer, and the medical practitioner and patient working "together with nature" to allow and support the body to activate its own healing capabilities.

The holistic view of using the brain, mind, body and it's energy pathway together to heal, is unfortunately still rejected by the "Modern Western Medical System", but has been accepted for centuries in Traditional Eastern Medicine.

Modern Western Medicine has, and still is partly dismissive towards Eastern and Holistic Western Medicine, with its natural brain/body therapies such as; Traditional Chinese medicine, Energy based medicines, Meditation, Visualisation, Yoga, Thai Chi, Naturopathy, Kinesiology and many other modalities.

Neuro Plasticity may indeed be the missing link between modern Western and Traditional Eastern Medical tradition.

NOTE: Before working treatment protocols can be developed, it helps to understand the underlying principles of Brain Plasticity.

Principles of Brain Plasticity:

Stating principles in no particular order, as in all holistic healing principles, one principle does not rank higher than another.
As more wholeness can be achieved, as better results can be expected.

"Use it or lose it" ...

... an age old principle, but one has to be careful in applying it. To start, it obviously means if you don't use your brain/mind, you may lose it.
However, in order to give this principle the right emphasis, one needs to know a bit more of the brain's tendencies to make matters worse against all judgments.

Consider you have a chronic pain in your leg, by reacting over and over and in the same way towards the pain or sudden moments of pain surges, the brain will deepen (and widen) the pain pathways, and may at the end become the main cause of the pain, also called a "learned pain".

This concept is well known as of being "stuck in a groove". In this instant, the principle of "use it or lose it" means you do use your brain in a "re-active automatic" way, and by constant using the same pathways, deepens the initial pain and makes it chronic.

To use this principle for healing, we obviously have to differentiate between active and automatic passive) use.

For brain plasticity treatment principles, we need to become "active", and use our brain in a specific purposeful way to facilitate healing.

Also, this principle means that you have to take charge and actively make the brain do what you want it to do, and that leads to therapy techniques and lots of patient's based activities, such as meditation, visualisation and other activities to "climb out of the groove".

"Intend with Intensity" ...

... this may be a new principle, I just have invented it, but the principle of intensity is an important one.

Anyone who has used "affirmation" for healing purposes will know that the emotionless repeating of a certain affirmation may not result in the expected outcome. However by intensify it, bringing in some emotions and strong convictions, affirmation will do their positive work.

For anyone, not believing in affirmations, please be aware, that if you worry about something and you get stressed, you have been successfully used "negative affirmations" to bring on an un-wanted outcome.

Affirmations are just as effective as worries, the choice is yours, and you can use the former principle of use it or lose it to sort this out.

Actively, use positive affirmation to bring on the desired change.

For brain plasticity therapy, you need therefore, positive activity with intend to heal with the highest intensity you can muster. This opens up a whole box of treatment treasures to consider, and the question: "What are the best techniques for intensifying the needed brain changing activity.

Yes, in addition to meditation and visualisation you can use emotional verbal affirmation. The trick is to stack techniques in a useful manner.

Techniques to intensify - could be: Affirmation - Hypnosis and Self Hypnosis - NLP-techniques - EFT - Kinesiology - Feedback - Faith and Belief strengthening - Mantras - Specific Nutrients for brain activity - Yoga - Thai Chi, and possibly many more, this needs much deeper research, as treatment with Brain Plasticity principles are still very long term, and slow, but they can be faster with intensifying and stacking of different treatment methods.

Other Principles we know :

  • Activity - Intensity and Motivation
  • If you do what you always do ..... changing destructive habits.
  • Mind over Matter - as we now know, this holds true.
  • Placebo - placebos are now accepted as mind changing brain structure aids. - Can be medicine or physical treatment based.
  • Pain is an Illusion ( concept ) - fighting a faulty illusion with another better one - visualisation techniques.
  • Body Image - Our brains work with a body map, a body image, not with the real body, as can be seen in Phantom pain ... BUT ... this principle also explains why visualisation works.
  • Competitive Plasticity as in chronic pain .. the pain pathways have taken over, you are in competition with your own pain.
  • Combining MInd, Brain and Body Healing Processes, to provide a more intense healing path.
  • Brain Plasticity type of therapy efforts lots of time, to change habits, or form new ones, to un-learn and re-learn, will take 6 weeks or longer.

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Please contact me directly for more info or Research Participation: Dieter L. - Editor


* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.

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