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Article: THE CHANGE LIST ....


Article extracted from a workshop & book called:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU - by Dieter LuskeĀ© - Gold Coast

... all following articles, are written as workshop manuscript
... questions were asked to stimulate active participation.

ARTICLE 8 - PRO-ACTIVE CHANGE LIST ... and ... why change is essential.

Change is vital to our existing, without change nothing ever happens, we become stagnant, trapped in a little box, stuck in a deep groove..

... often we are not even aware that we are in our little box.

Just assume that you are, that way you make sure to change frequently... :-)

... and remember, most of us, just go from one box into another ... it's OK .. just make sure that your box is getting bigger ..

... and ... Create your own "check-up on yourself change list".

Here are a few suggestion.

Change your habits:

  1. The way you drive, eat, listen, dress, exercise, correct others, speak, blame, work, play. You name it - change it.

  2. Write a letter instead of of an e-mail, or ringing or the other way around.

  3. Fix up a broken promise.

  4. Clean your house and car and let go of clutter, anything you don't need.
    If in doubt ... clean out.

  5. Fix or get rid of anything that doesn't work.

  6. Return anything borrowed and get back anything lent out and still needed.

  7. Turn the T.V. off, read a book, go for an evening walk, play with you kids.

  8. Do someone a favour. - Do a random act of kindness.

  9. Say thank you for something you normally take for granted.

  10. Forgive somebody or, better still everybody, use supportive language.

  11. Replace poisons.. salt, sugar, processed food, recreational drugs, alcohol, smokes and ....
    everything you may have too much of; sarcasm, ridicule, prejudice, resentment, revenge, hate, etc..

  12. Keep a promise.

  13. Finish a task - Start a task

  14. Be punctual.

  15. Keep agreements.

  16. Reward yourself.

  17. Keep a check on what you think. Stay positive.

  18. Throw out negative thought patterns.

  19. Be nice to yourself.

  20. Challenge yourself.

  21. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

  22. Allow yourself to be wrong.

  23. Don't argue.

  24. Find resolutions.

  25. Start a new interest.

  26. Make some new friends.

  27. Do what you love to do.

  28. Do what you always wanted to do.

  29. Make peace - around you - then start with the rest of the world

  30. Respect the body you live in, and the earth you live on ...

  31. Be supportive ..

  32. Have a mobile or computer free day.

  33. and .... SPEAK POSITIVE

There is a scientific reason for all this change, it works by;

"Any action will have a reaction".

By changing something, you will react and be different than you would have been before. Positive change helps you to grow as a person. With enough change, negative elements will be falling along the wayside.

Interestingly this also works for health improvement in a holistic way.

If you have been sick, or you have any type of health problems, by changing everything within and around you, the "sickness element", may fall by the wayside as well, meaning the causative sickness factor may not be present any more.

Cancer patients who acquire a positive mind set, will always do better than patients trapped in negativity.

Which brings us to the next subject - Speak positive

Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L. Gold Coast

Excerpt from a workshop & book - published 1993 - titled; "Do you believe in You" www.usenature.com - Dieter Luske ©

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