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Article: Awareness and Positive Change


Article extracted from a workshop & book called:

DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOU - by Dieter LuskeĀ© - Gold Coast

... all following articles, are written as workshop manuscript
... questions were asked to stimulate active participation.


Whatever we don't, can't or won't see, hear, feel or understand, we are not aware of and therefore can't change or control !
OR ...
Whatever we are NOT Aware of,
"We actually Can't See", even if it is right is front of our eyes.

Therefore, to change your level of awareness, and learn to become more aware is one of the most valuable skills for the human mind to achieve.

Brain Power

Making awareness even harder is our Belief System, because, whatever we don't believe in, or don't want to know, see or hear, we will not be able to achieve awareness of, and therefore miss out on vital understanding.

How can we overcome this apparent dilemma?

Most of the time, our mind has been programmed with Preconceived Ideas, which we have to learn to overcome, or at least check for facts, by forcing ourselves to take a second look and ask more questions.
Question yourself - see the section on Meta-Questions )

Where do our Preconceived Ideas come from?

From the moment we are born, we are conditioned. To break out of conditioning is a livelong task, because we are constantly re-conditioned by circumstances around us, with other words; again and again we get sucked in :-)

We are conditioned by our parents, the education system, religion, politics, society and anything and everything.

So, again make sure when you look at anything new or old, that you give yourself a chance; start fresh, get all the details, all the facts, check your personal perspective, recognise where you are coming from.

Don't say "no" to something, simply because you don't know it.

Have an open mind, an open mind is a prerequisite to attain higher awareness.

Force yourself to listen, stop interfering with your own ideas and preconceptions.

Once you have all the facts you can make up your mind. Once you have awareness and understand your responsibility, (you are responsible for yourself including your awareness) you can take action.



Courage means to go where it may feel uncomfortable, to get out of your comfort zone, or as you may say: TO LIVE ON THE EDGE! That's where the learning and action takes place.

Stay in your box and nothing will happen. Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone? Feeling uncomfortable is a good feeling, it lets you know that something is happening.

You are learning, achieving, bringing on change!

Switching to awareness, and learning to be open minded, is the first step out of your box. You need courage to be aware, to have a look at yourself, which is a never ending process.

Are you ready to have a look at yourself, to become more aware?

  1. Start by changing perspective.
    Get out of yourself, and 'Look at yourself and your life like another person may see you, and may think of you'.
    How does your partner see you? Your teacher? Your boss? Your worst enemy, (if you have one), or someone who never agrees with you, etc-?
    Step out of yourself and take on the above mentioned positions or maybe some others more appropriate for you.

  2. Learn the DISTINCTION between what you think you know, and someone else's reality.
    Who is right? Who is wrong? Is there only the distinction of coming from a different direction?
    Find the DISTINCTION between how or what you understand and what else there is in life!
    'Why do two people come to different conclusions over the same subject? Does one of them has to be wrong? Why?

  3. Ask yourself questions to force awareness.
    Ask yourself the fundamental question of "DO I REALLY WANT TO CHANGE?"
    There are enough people who say "I can't change what I am!'
    This is a BELIEF SYSTEM and whoever believes that, is right. They can't change, because they refuse to have the awareness that they can change, so they are trapped in a victim position, which is just another box, and not a cozy one at all.

  4. Ask more questions, especially about your standards, values, belief systems, goals, desires.
    Ask questions to yourself, and listen to where the answers are coming from!
    Are those answers yours, or are they your parents, teachers, media, believes, etc?

  5. Get more and more specific with your questions, ask questions to confront yourself, to shake yourself up.
    We think in generalisations, meanings, thoughts and ideas such as "all politicians are crooks."
    Confront generalisations with questions like;
    Absolutely all? Who specifically? How do I know? Is that a fact? etc.
    Turning generalisations into specifics expands your awareness.
    You will find more out about yourself and the world you have created in your mind.
    Awareness can change from day to day. The world is the fact and you see it with a limited view, which will never be the same as the view of the person next to you.
    Do you react to facts or to your opinion and assumptions of what you think is going on in the world?
    Stick to the facts!!!

  6. To help you with your awareness and self confronting questions, use Meta Questions (change questions) until questions come to you naturally.

  7. And lastly, the biggest personal downfall in growing as a person it to be righteous, esp; without noticing it.
    Check yourself; are you defending some of your ideas or ideologies?
    And if you do, do you believe you are right? If you think you are right, question yourself, how do you know, where did you get the facts from and most importantly, do you have all the facts?
    And ... if you "think" you have all the facts, ask yourself again,.... how could anyone have all the facts.
    Facts and our perceived truth can change day by day.

Which brings us to the next subject - Meta Questions - ("Change" Questions)


Article provided by the Editor - Dieter L. Gold Coast

Excerpt from a workshop & book - published 1993 - titled; "Do you believe in You" www.usenature.com - Dieter Luske ©

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