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Welcome to the useNature Holistic Online CD Shop - featuring:

Music & Spoken Word CD's - A hand-picked selection from our Expert Practitioners within the following categories: Ambient - Relaxation & Meditation Music - Counselling & Hypnotherapy Scripted CD's - Self Help Courses & Self Improvement CD's & Books

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Ambient and Relaxation Type of Music CD's

Deep Alpha Relaxation CD


Peaceful Mind Healthy Body

Created by Robert Kendall and Barry Michael

TRACK 1 Deep alpha relaxation cycle (29 mins)

TRACK 2 "Petals of the heart" Music (30 mins)

$15.00 (add $5 postage - Australia)

DEAL: Workshop Manual and CD $29.95

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Alpha Ambient Music CD

Ambient Music - Frozen Time by AlphaRomance

Frozen Time by AlphaRomance

65min - 11 track - ambient alpha music CD

Features beautiful inspired sounds, soft voices, not your ordinary new age music...

Free Listening : soundcloud.com/use-nature

$15 - includes Postage (Australia)

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CD info : Frozen Time by Alpha Romance

Self Improvement - Lecture Books and CD's

Complete Astrology Course
in 5 Workbooks

Universal Astrology Course Workbooks

Universal Astrology Course by Maggie

A complete Course in Spiritual and Psychological Astrology, from start to finish…

5 Classes / Workbooks, comprising of:

1. Primary Components and Models
2. The Planets 3. Putting It All Together 4. The Planets in The Houses, the psycho-emotional "Cookbook" 5. Timing Systems - Transits & Progressions, Relationship astrology, and more...

Individual Classes - $40,00 per Book - or ...

Set of 5 : $180 Plus $10 Postage within Australia

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Full Name - Postal Address - Phone, specify "Astro-Course"

Order your favourite
Person's Portrait

Bjork - Portrai Picture

Portrait of Bjork by Giselle

Original Portrait Painting created from a
picture you send to us.

It could be yourself, it could be your Avatar or a portrait of someone you like, or a CD cover.

Canvas Acrylic - 46cm x 61cm
or custom size

Gallery Price from $760

See Examples > Gallery Giselle

UseNature's Special $480

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Full Name - Postal Address - Phone and specify "Portrait"

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Astrology Planet Painting by Giselle

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Cow Painting by Giselle

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Alchemix Recording Studios

Alchemix - Brisbane
Recording Studios

Sound Production

Voice over recording
CD production for Counselling, Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP,
Weight reduction
Meditation, Relaxation
Music & Scrips

New Age Music CD's


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