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Soil regeneration - carbon storage

The Micro-biome - supporting Soil Health, is supporting Human Health

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Soil regeneration & carbon storage

Is general health declining in synchronicity with soil health? - What has human health in common with soil health?

Soil and the human health rely on active microorganisms. The human gut micro-biome diversity is about 10% that of soil bio-diversity and has decreased or altered dramatically with chronic lifestyle diseases as a result.

As a Naturopath, one of my foremost Health advice is about what 'feeds you and your microbiome'. I call this active prevention. Meaning taking responsible action, food and lifestyle choices to stay healthy. - Anything which interferes with your microbiome diversity will have a negative effect on your long term health, and the same holds true for soil health.

Since industrialisation about a third of the world’s soils are degraded because of soil erosion, caused by massive deforestation and farming methods not in balance with nature.

Soil which is degraded has little ability to absorb and store Carbon dioxide. We understand that it is impossible to change this overnight. However, being aware of this problem, and the solution, which is soil regeneration for Carbon sequencing and also for healthier and more disease resistant crops.

Soils Health is about 2 things, first, feeding the soil with organic matter such as compost and cover crops, which can be an off-season crop planted after harvesting the cash crop. The cover crop may grow over winter. Secondly, not depleting the soil in the first place by over cropping, and by adding artificial fertilizer and pest control.

The same can be said for human health, eating not enough nutritious food, and too much refined and processed food will deplete your health and will give rise too an unhealthy microbiome with long term negative consequences.

The aim is to encourage as many farmers as possible to switch to regenerative bio dynamic organic farming.

The Earth’s soils contain more carbon than the planet’s atmosphere and vegetation combined, however when soil is exploited, the trapped carbon is released back into the atmosphere, resulting in planet-warming emissions.

We need Carbon in our Soil

By re-introducing microbes, fungi, plant roots, nematodes, earthworms carbon is stored and used.

Re-introduction is achieved by adding compost, a natural mineral mix and possibly even Mycorrhizal fungi. - A single square inch of soil can have miles of these fungus root extensions, called mycelium. These roots store and transport water and nutrients to surrounding plants.

Carbon can be sequestered - meaning … isolated and hidden away. (in the soil)

A regenerated soil will produce better crops and will need less water..

Investing in better soil management will make our agricultural systems more productive and resilient to future shocks and stresses.

Using compost, keeping soil disturbance (No tilt method) to a minimum and rotating crops to include plants such as legumes can help restore organic matter back into the soil.

Organic farming is not as work intensive as it used to be. - No Till, no watering, no weeding, no fertilising, no pest, no disease, constant harvesting and no time wasted. - Modern machinery can be used for large scale organic farming. Money can be saved by Not buying artificial fertilizer. The benefits of the switch are much more rewarding, as the health of the soil and environment improves, so does your worms, birds, water holding capacity, drought resilience and income.

What can you do?

  1. Start a Garden - use a no tilt organic garden practice, lots of compost and mulching.

  2. Got no Garden? Use planting boxes.

  3. If you live on acreage, treat your soils wisely. Cutting grass to short will dry out your soil and carbon will be released and the soil becomes inactive. Plant trees, use compost and mulch heavy around the tress, introduce Mycorrhizal fungi. If your soil is too sandy, add some bentonite. Don't bring your tree prunings and off cuts to the tip, use as mulch.

Support companies and people who do the right thing
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  2. Buy old traditional open pollinated varieties of seeds, preferably old Australian varieties and organically or bio-dynamically grown. -

  3. - To transition Aussie farmers to regenerative agriculture and support them to rebuild the carbon (organic matter) in their soil from 1% to 8%.

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Want to be earth conscious and become active in sustainable living?

What stops you?

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is intended for general use and for personal interest only. It should not be used or understood as suggestion, medical advice, or personal counselling.

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