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Are you a qualified Practitioner? - Apply to be Certified!

Certified Qualified - Holistic Health Care Practitioner Why Certification?

Inspiring Patient Confidence, recognition of Your commitment to practice and delivering to the highest standard in an ethical manner.

With constant attacks on Natural Therapies, it has become more important than ever, to "CERTIFY" to the Public that you are Qualified.

Practitioner Certification Listing Guidelines:

To qualify for Certification as a "Holistic Health Care Practitioner™" in your specific treatment modality, you will need to meet useNature's Certification Standards. - useNature considers every application for certification carefully.

Certification Standards:

  1. Applicants must hold recognised qualification in one or more Holistic Treatment Modalities - listed below.

  2. Provide Qualifications evidence, and where they have been obtained.

  3. List Associations or Registration Bodies memberships - name and number.

  4. Insurance cover

  5. First Aid Certificate (if applicable).

  6. Adhering to a Code of Ethics and Conduct.

  7. Displaying the Codes at all premises where the health practitioner carries on their practice, and we would recommend to add the codes to web-sites.

  8. Applicants currently registered with an approved Association or Accreditation Body will be approved for a certified listing.

Holistic Health Care Practitioner™ Modalities:

You will be able to apply, if you are practicing in any of the modalities below:

The term "Holistic Health Care Practitioner™" encompasses the following modalities:

  • Acupuncture - Chinese Medicine - discount if registered with >
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Ayurveda
  • Chiropractor - discount if registered with >
  • Counselling - Psychologists - NLP - Hypnotherapy - Art Therapy
  • Feldenkrais
  • Herbalist
  • Homeopath
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Kinesiology
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Massage Therapies - Bowen Therapy
  • Naturopath
  • Nutritionist
  • Osteopathy - discount if registered with >
  • Physiotherapy - discount if registered with >
  • Podiatry - discount if registered with >
  • Psychology - discount if registered with >
  • Yoga Teacher

We also accept applications for different Health Care Modalities or Categories on "evidence".

Benefits of Certified Qualification Listings:

  1. Certified Listings with useNature will certify you as a trusted and "Qualified Practitioner" or Product provider.
    Your Profile Page is a "One Stop Profile" for all your credential details of "Practitioner or Product Authenticity".

  2. Certified Members are entitled for a free web-site check, searching for unintentional ethical code violation.

  3. Displaying and Adhering to a unified Code of Ethics, will give you protection against unsubstantiated or misrepresentative complaints.

  4. Permission of displaying useNaturs'e Certification Logo and Membership number.

Why should you apply for a Certified Qualified - Holistic Health Care Practitioner™ Listing?

Certification demonstrates professional competence and dedication to the field. It also may offer protection* against undue misguided complaints.

*Certification offers protection if the applicant adheres to the useNature certified recommended unified "Code of Ethics and Conduct", or to their Associations Codes, in addition with a "Special Health Care Code". Successful Applicants can copy the code here: Code of Ethics/Conduct

useNature's certification process has been developed in view of serious complaints against Natural Therapists.

Typical Complaints & Code Violations:

Complementary Medicine Practitioner's have constantly complaints filed against them. It is important to note, that many of "those complaints have validity", and it is those valid complaints that can be easily avoided, if practitioners adhere to the Codes of Ethics.

Most common complaints:

  1. Treatment Claims - Treating specific Diseases

  2. Misdiagnosing - Diagnosing Diseases

  3. Marketing violations - marketing of "unnecessary supplements" or unreasonable therapeutic claims.


  1. Practitioners have their qualification certified by useNature and made public by listings on the useNature Directory

  2. Practitioners adopt useNature's certified Guidelines, and adhere to the the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

  3. Practitioners add the Code of Ethic and Conduct to their web-site, in combination with instruction where to file a complaint.

As an alternative, Practitioners add their "Association's Code of Ethics" to their web-sites, with the following addition:

  1. Practitioners must NOT "treat" a "disease", notifiable conditions (infectious diseases) or cancer.

  2. Practitioners must NOT "diagnose" a "disease" for the purpose of "naming a disease". Practitioners use diagnostic to determine the underlying cause of the patients concern.
    Practitioners support and holistically treat "Individuals", not a disease name.

  3. Practitioners must NOT make any Therapeutic claims.

  4. Practitioners must NOT sell supplements for the purpose of making a profit.
    Reasoning for the prescription of supplements are given on a patient's file.

NOTE: The principle of Natural Therapy is; "the body, given it's right circumstances, will heal itself", therefore, Natural Therapist Practitioners do NOT HEAL ANYTHING.

Natural Therapists do provide education and natural means to holistically "Support" an individual body system, to prevent, or keep, or regain complete Health.

To apply, please Contact Us ... Kind Regards ... Dieter L. Editor/Admin

Application Steps to Certify your Qualification

  1. Certified Listing Options.

  2. Certification Guidelines ( This Page )

  3. Adhere to this Code of Ethics

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Dieter Luske - Editor for useNature
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Even so Natural Holistic Health Care is widely accepted, it is still regarded as "conflicting with the medical system", by doctors, politicians and other influential industry groups.

Use our directory to register to certify your qualification.

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