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Article: The "Starving Artist" - Creative Art Marketing

A Creative Output Dilemma - Part 2

or …. the “starving Artists”, living a Bohemian* lifestyle ?

Article by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Author of It happened in the seventies

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8 steps for Holistic Creative Art Marketing

To get noticed as an Artist you will need definition, just handing your work to the world is a shotgun approach, which is not the way to get noticed or recognized.
We are living in a world of communication overload, meaning whatever written word will accompany your work of art should be short.

Hope - 3 vital steps to win the art lottery.

  1. Define your Art
    Definition needs to be comprised of 1 main category or modality, and a least 3 sub-categories, best explained by an example:
    You are a painter, and want to be discovered and exhibited by a well know Gallery. Before anyone even looks at your painting, they want to hear or read a definition of what you produce.
    You start and list your primary Modality, and continue to describe or list 3 or more sub-modalities or categories, such as:
    Acrylic Paintings (primary) of realistic landscapes (1.category), with added found objects glued in (2.category), disrupted by sections of abstract destructive mechanical painted visions, (3. category) highlighted by random applied printed words (4.category).
    Now the Gallery will have some ideas of what you paint, and it will have triggered curiosity, (definition goal achieved).

  2. Define your art further:
    If you are self-assured enough
    , you actually could compare your work to a well-known artist, which would instantly give you recognition. Often it is easier to liken yourself to a combination of 2 or 3 known artists.
    Most artists don’t like comparison, they like to be unique, but unique is a generally overused term, unique may as well be the new norm. Who do you paint like, write like, or compose and sound like? As soon as someone can relate to you, your chances of discovery expand dramatically.

  3. Sending your creation out; remember, unsolicited sending of huge files is not appreciated. On the other hand, it could be argued that even a short e-mail to ask for permission to send your work may be seen as unsolicited. Therefore you may as well combine the two, meaning you do ask for permission, but you include your short definition.
    Something like; may I send you a file with my art work, consisting of: (your definition)
    'Acrylic Paintings of realistic landscapes, with added found objects glued in, disrupted by sections of abstract destructive mechanical painted visions, highlighted by random applied printed words.'
    Finish of with name and essential details.
    Regular exposure:
    Depending on your field of creativity, to keep the hope going, without too much interruption of your normal creative lifestyle, simply dedicate a couple of days per month to feed your hope and keep sending out your creations.

This concludes the hope section; lets proceed to Anticipation.

Anticipation is defined by positive creative action, either by you or a “middleman” or should I say person.

You don’t leave anything to hope or chance; with anticipation you will plan your individual steps to achieve your goal.
The Goal will be the same as for hope, your recognition and signing to specific Publishing House, Gallery or Label.
Each category of the arts would need to have it’s own chapter, but this article is not about marketing as such, it is more about the concept. The individual steps for each category will be left to your creativity and imagination.

Five (5) Concepts to activate Anticipation, also called Marketing

  1. Anticipation is all about action and influence.What or who can influence directly? You can wield your influence in the “midfield”.
    The midfield is absolutely everything between you and the goal. The midfield is therefore where the real game is happening, and it is the field where you can select your players.
    The players are people, businesses, technical functions, web-sites, new media, and ideas to facilitate direct contact to achieve your goal.The midfield is particularly occupied by your fans, or by your future fans.
    Fans (friends) are people who like to support you and your endeavor. Don’t be shy to ask for support, people love to support; it feels good, but even more important is the fact that “it is always easier for someone else to support or promote you, than for yourself”. Make sure you deserve your fans, treat them with respect and don’t take them for granted. Your fans can make the next step possible.

  2. The midfield is ideal for “Crowd Funding”.
    Most art forms lend themselves to be crowd funded.
    For the visual artist seeking an exhibition. Most private Galleries offer the service to hire Galleryspace to stage an exhibition. Obviously that cost money, you may need to raise anything between $500 to $2000; including some pamphlets or posters for local advertising.
    Use your creativity to summon some support from local newspapers, community radio, posters in café’s, shops etc..
    All you need now is the money and your paintings. Once you are exhibiting, you need work on collecting more names and addresses from patrons who are regular visitors to that Gallery anyhow.
    Your combined list from friends, fans, gallery visitors, crowd funding participants will be your future fan list, which you will need to write on a regular basis to let them know what you are up to, yes, they deserve that. And remember the principle “out of sight out of mind”, don’t let that happen, stay in contact, once every 2-month should do the trick.
    Here is a crowd funding comparing web-site: crowdfunding.com study some of the initiatives, and you will notice that artists give something in return, which could be a mini painting, or why not cut up a large painting, and give each crowd funder a part of it. In case you become famous, someone would try to buy all the part to get the painting.
    A similar concept works well for writers, and authors, to get funding for self-publishing, the supporters will get a free download of the book. And similar for musicians, who may want to crowd fund a recording session in a professional studio, or a CD release. Crowd funding is also a good way to create a greater fan base.
    People love to support a good worthwhile project.
    Funds will not only come from your existing friends, family and fans, but also from new supporters who like what you do and what you will provide to attract their support. Be creative in what you bring to the table.
  1. The midfield is also ideal for “Starting a Movement”.
    Even so crowd funding could be a new way to earn some money from past, present and future projects, it works obviously better if you have lots of fans already. If you have some committed fans already, than you can start you own “Movement”.
    If you haven’t enough fans, than you have to instigate something clever to get at least a couple of good fans. If you can’t, you may be able to “buy a fan”, a professional fan who can spread your message. Buying in this sense would mean, sharing future earnings.
    What is a “Movement”?

    A movement is something where one person starts something, and many more people follow suit. To create a movement, you need one person who promotes you and others will follow, to instigate a movement, you may have to start with something special, or even controversial, something people are inspired to follow. In the end, it’s all about the fans; with enough fans the artist may not even need a Gallery, Publisher or Label.

  2. Matching Artists to appropriate Marketing People
    Maybe there are already web-sites or apps that provide “artist meet marketing person” services, matching up wants and needs?
    Not sure, anyhow the concept reminds, to match an artist with someone who has social media capabilities and heaps of “likes” or “friends” to start a movement, which supplies the right kind of fans.
    The principle is always that fans like to support and promote you. Everything most artists don’t like to do, mostly self-promotion, is done by the fans, and esp. the first ever fan, and your fans are your target market. That brings us to another critical marketing function, the definition of your target market.
    Astute marketing people will know exactly who your clients customers/fans are. They would know how your fans dress, where they like to hang out, what they eat, what other artist or entertainment they are into. With other words, all these things Google or Facebook knows about you already.
    Obviously, if you know your target market that well, you know what they will buy, that’s where you as artist can see if that is matching your “art product”.
    It also may let you know, how to get access to similar interest people. If all your target market likes the same coffee shop, you know where to hang your art. If you know what web-site they like or magazine etc .. that’s where you can advertise. That’s how google or social media advertisers sell you stuff.
    Basically, go where your fans go, and target your marketing efforts to those areas. And talking about social media, it Is nearly essential that you use social media, figure out the most 2 or 3 for you.

  3. Anticipate new media elements to be suitable for your art works.
    Think outside the box, think who possibly could use your “creative baby” .. yes… your product.

.. and if nothing works at all … don’t worry there is always the Bohemian lifestyle. What could be better than drinking coffee with friends, discussing art, showing your latest creative outputs and create more. No need to worry about mortgages, job satisfaction or anything else .. and with a bit of effort, getting some money for basic living form your art.
But also remember possibilities are endless.
Anything you aspire or try to achieve is possible, to actually get what your want just depends on your level of how urgent and how much you want it.
With other words, “how passionate are you about your goals”.

As more passionate you are, as more you would put in to make it happen, that’s the magic of possibility, the amount of passion behind your goals.

By attempting the impossible - one is meaningfully occupied (D.L.) 

Article by;

Dieter Luske .. as Artist …

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