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Supersize Me © ... (super size me)

... may as well be the most damaging marketing exercise ever undertaken...

by Dieter Luske N.D.-D.C.H.-D.M.H.-D.H

Holistic Therapy Consultant - Gold Coast - Canungra

Upon closer look, everything on this planet relates back to marketing.

There is not one sector in human society which is not influenced by marketing.

Marketing in itself is neither bad or good, a bit like money, it is "Neutral". However, marketing in the hands of "profit or power above everything" individuals, companies, or institutions, can have the most detrimental, devastating effect on our society.

I could mention a few, but it would sound like I am writing an article about the conspiracy theory. Being concerned about general Health, and the ongoing epidemic of obesity with its related health issues, makes me pick just one marketing campaign, which is the now famous phrase "Supersize" - and related Supersize Me.

Where is that term "Supersize" coming from?

I obviously know, but I don't like to mention any names. - Did they know, or should they have known what negative effect that had on the general population's health?

Back to the first question, if I am not very mistaken, the term super sized is a marketing technique that was coined in the mid-90s by a huge Fast Food chain.

Staff would ask; “Would you like that super sized?” or “Would you like to super size that?”, after taking an order.

The famous question; " would you like chips with that, employs the same principle. - ( instead of chips it can be anything )

The idea behind this marketing promotion is that for an extra few cents a customer could dramatically increase the size of their meal.

That marketing campaign was extremely successful.... to put it mildly.

No doubt, commercially this is an extremely creative way to coerce someone to buy more. The customers have a positive feeling, because it seems to be good value.

Unfortunately, that type of value is not very good for your hips, nor for your health.

We could ask: "should a business have a responsibility for their customers health"?

I guess they would argue, that they are not your nanny, or that they can't afford to be too consciences, because they have to keep up with their competition, and finally they would argue, it's the customers responsibility.

From a health point of view, to counteract that destructive campaign, individuals, concerned interest group,s and the government would have to come up with a counter marketing concept, which makes the mention of the term > "Supersize Me" - an extremely negative term, and let it backfire and fly in the face of the originators.

Partly that has happened with the release of the movie > "Super Size Me" , a film by Morgan Spurlock, is generally credited with associating the term Supersize with obesity. Unfortunately that film may have been forgotten by now, and the fall out is still with us, and lots of food items have become increasingly bigger and bigger.

The next marketing campaign should be based on a term like " Under Size Me".

After all, healthy Diet concepts are really not that hard to understand, if you know 3 basic factors:

Food - Energy & Conditioning

By knowing about those principles, you should be fine, and have no trouble staying within a healthy range of weight, and those principles should be taught at school.

1. Food Factor:

When I grew up, my grandmother always used to say; stop eating before you are full, and you will always be healthy. That's what I would call under-sizing.

Interestingly, she was right, no idea how she could have known, but it is an established scientific fact by now (animal studies) that:

'the only proven way of prolonging life is calorie restriction'.

Diet Principles may be even easier understood, if you know how farmers fatten their animals; by feeding them lots of grains, or the technical term, carbohydrates.

Don't read me wrong, it's not that carbohydrates are all bad, its simply that most of us have too much of it. After all, Carbohydrate is just a fancy word for Sugar.

2. Now, what about the Energy?

The basic equation - energy in - energy out - is well known and understood, and makes perfect sense, in simple terms, don't eat more than you require for your normal daily activity, or increase your exercise.

3. And finally the term "Conditioning" ...

... that factor may be harder to come to terms with, than the other two.

Yes, we are all conditioned, in one way or another, regarding food and tastes we grew up with, behaviour we adopted, such as comfort eating, and to make matters worse, we have to consider; addictions - allergies (ye,s you crave food you are allergic too) and other cravings.

Just be aware that you have been conditioned, and that taste is part of this conditioning, and so are your eating habits. Once you know that, it may be easier for you, not to eat certain foods. Believe me, your life doesn't depend on it.

Just think about it, if you would have been born into a different culture, you would eat totally different food than you do now.

With other words, a statement such as; I can't live without my "cheese cake" ... is conditioning. Once again, believe me, you can, and while we are at it, here is another one, there is nothing wrong with healthy, wholesome food, it actually tastes delicious, and once again it is just a stupid marketing (conditioning) campaign that health food tastes bad.

Take control; who is in charge here, the fast food industry or You?

Here is a simple strategy:

Adopt a good diet, it's easy, lots of veggies, yes lots ... some fruit, some lean protein, and only moderate amounts of grains, such as Bread and Pasta.

Stay active, Exercise, do some cardiovascular exercise - some weights, some stretches, do it every day. I do 100 squats while my breakfast egg is cocking, and I do some push ups too.. Yes, move .. become aware that you can do exercise everywhere.

Re-condition yourself, according to what you want out of life, if you like to feel fit and healthy, eat healthy, it's your responsibility, and if you can't do it yourself, get a group together.

Have a look at a balanced diet now ...
... even so No diet will suit all people, a reasonable sensible balanced diet will be a good start, which you can individualise later ...

Diet affects the processes of aging and of many disease states such as:

Obesity, Arthritis, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, blood sugar problems, skin problems and chronic fatigue.

Food has a strong influence on the chemistry of the body and mind.

Do yourself a favour and start now ....

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Article provided by ...

the editor of Use Nature, Dieter Luske

* Disclaimer - Any general advice given in any article should not be relied upon and should not be taken as a substitute for visiting a qualified medical Doctor.

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