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Hypoglycemia - Low Bloodsugar

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Hypoglycemia - Low Bloodsugar and Anxiety

A Homeopathic / Naturopathic Perspective by:

Anthony von Moger B Sci (Naturopathy / Homeopath)

In clinical practice, one of the most common issues we see at Homeopathic Centre is what is generally referred to as 'ANXIETY'.

'Patients present equally as young/old, female /male but the one thing they have in common is a combination of recurrent symptoms that cause great distress and at worst, symptoms that can be extremely disabling both physically and emotionally.

Whilst we would never deem to diagnose without professional consultation, it is worth considering the presence of HYPOGLYCEMIA.

Very simply, it means LOW BLOOD SUGAR and is the result of the body's inability to tolerate, in particular, the highly refined carbohydrates and refined sugars so common in the 21st century diet.

When excessive quantity or overly refined quality sugars and carbohydrates are consumed, the body overreacts and excessive insulin is released to counteract this apparent 'assault' .

The body goes into the 'stress mode' and the patient can experience many of the symptoms listed below. As a consequence of this 'stress', the patient is often totally exhausted and they often aggravate these symptoms by reaching for a quick 'sweet fix', whereby the whole process is repeated again and again.

Look at this long list of symptoms and certainly, we will all experience some of these some of the time. When, however, we feel these symptoms chonically, we would do well to seriously consider Hypoglycemia.

Exhaustion, depression, insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations, sweating, tremors, phobia, forgetfulness, indeciciveness, low libido, mental onfusion, obesity, dizziness, crying spells, temper, moodiness, hunger between meals, cravings for sweets, alcohol, nicotine.....and so on.

YES..the list is a long one but the GOOD NEWS is that many of these symptoms can be addressed fairly quickly by little more than a committed change in diet and a little excercise.

TRY THIS FOR A WEEK OR TWO.. many patients report improvements within days!

IMMEDIATELY divide your meals into at least 6 small snacks per day. You must do this to avoid the sugar slumps that create your distressing symptoms.

Always have a healthy snack with you and eat BEFORE you feel tired, jittery or very hungry.

  1. Start eliminating any highly refined sugars and products made from white flour. These convert too quickly and can set off your symptoms.

  2. Replace these with high quality wholegrain breads and flours which elicit a much slower insulin response and consequent even energy outputs. These products are now readily available at Health Food shops and even good supermarkets these days. Also consider eating rye based, rather than wheat based breads.

  3. Reduce caffeine intake to as little as is reasonable. Its easier than you think and the coffee tastes better if you only have one good coffee a day.

  4. Reduce alcohol as much as possible. Many experts actually believe there is a clinical connection between alcohol dependency and hypoglycemia.

  5. Remember that processed fruit juices and dried fruits can also create sugar lows so always eat fresh and whole fruits and not too much!!

  6. Start reading ALL the labels on packaged foods and look for sugars under different names such as fructose, sucrose, lactose, cane, honey etc..

  7. Start moderate exercise as it really has a direct effect on the nervous system and its response. Its also good for weight loss.


  • lean meats, chicken, fish, soy products, peanut butter, free range/organic eggs.

  • limit your grain intake, and only have wholegrain breads WITHOUT white flour (often called bakers flour!), unsweetened cereals, wholemeal pasta, crackers and noodles and cakes made from wholemeal flour.

  • yoghurts unsweetened or with REAL fruit.

  • lots of particular, the green leafy and orange ones!!

  • citrus fruits eaten whole.

  • sugar free and caffeine free drinks. Water, Herbal teas and homemade fresh fruit and vegetable juices

  • cold pressed oils, dressings and mayonnaise, olive oil and flaxseed oil.

  • home made soups.

  • reduce alcohol intake.. beware of beer and consider vodka/low joule tonic or wine.

These are just suggestions but the COMMON THEME is replace or avoid all food made with refined sugar or white flour, caffeine or alcohol and make your own meals!

Its much easier than you might think.. the results can be outstanding... and worth it all... it just means thinking about everything you eat.


Homeopathy addresses many of the immediate symptoms described above.. mainly using constitutional remedies.

Call us, we can help!

Homeopathic Centre - 03 9889 9835

20 Trent Street

Glen Iris - Melbourne


yours in good health,

Article provided by :

Anthony von Moger - Naturopath - Homeopath

Specialist Homeopath - Fast - Effective - Alternative Natural healthcare for the whole family.  

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Homeopathic Centre

Homeopathic Centre


Anthony von Moger

Glen Iris - Melbourne

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