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What’s your destination?

Success Coaching - Counsellor - Motivational Speaker

Luke Sheedy - Stafford Brisbane QLD


Do you know how great you are?

Are you aware there is no one else like you on the planet? No two people are the same, not even identical twins are exactly the same. There will never ever be anyone like you born underneath these stars again. That makes you a gift, but what are you doing to live the life you’ve imagined?

When you realise how great and valuable you are, life will take you in a new direction. Your life will become a journey, not a destination.

I want you to imagine yourself as a sports car. The car is a reflection of yourself and how you have been living your life. What gear have you been driving in? Just the first gear, or all the gears? Are you using all of your special talents and abilities? Is the tank of your potential high or is it low? Are you driven to succeed and embrace inner fulfilment or are you happy coasting along in the slow lane, watching life pass you by?

By paying attention to the condition of your car and check to see how it’s running, you may discover that something needs changing. If nothing ever gets repaired, life will stay the same, and your joyrides will never be as fun and exciting as they could be. Pay attention to the squeaks and creaks because self-discovery is a sign post on the road to enlightenment.  For example, do you have to slow down, so you don’t burn out? Or do you have to increase more throttle to get to your destination of happiness?

Let your imagination and creativity drive you.

You’re going to have to make a commitment to yourself, be dedicated, put the effort and the time in and get out of cruise control. Don’t worry about the how, let that take care of itself. By challenging yourself and getting into the driver’s seat, strapping yourself in, all opportunities will be revealed to you along the way. It’s time to turn the ignition and go. Momentum and desire is the fuel in which hope runs.

Along the way to your destination, you will be met with detours, road blocks, speed bumps and large potholes.

These are the obstacles put in front of you to challenge and test you. Be prepared to crash, stall or even be side-swiped. Whatever you do, don’t put on your hazards and head into the emergency stopping lane. Don’t put yourself into neutral and head back to your comfort zone, don’t quit, stop or give up. Perseverance is the number one driving champion’s skill, talent can only take you so far.

If you’re comfortable, you’re not learning or growing. It’s time to use all of the gears in your sports car, fire up all of your cylinders and rev your engine. Look towards the horizon.

What’s your goal, your vision?

Head towards that and along the way you will be met with confidence and self-worth, they will become your travelling companions. Don’t let someone else take the wheel of your life, this is your journey. Have the courage and the get up and go to run your tank empty until you make it to your destination.


Article by:

Luke Sheedy - Stafford Brisbane QLD

Luke is a counsellor, motivator and author.
Many years of experience in his award-winning holistic health practice have laid the foundation for his first book Discover Your Path, Your Life is Worth Living.

Luke’s clinical practice has enlightened him. The mind, body and spirit are inter-connected and emotional issues, thought patterns, destructive behaviour and lack of self-belief can take hold and disempower.

Luke’s strategies will help you to stretch out and risk. He will help guide your life’s journey so you reach your full potential and live a truly fulfilled life.


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Luke Sheedy

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