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Information about Spiriutal Healing Treatment Modalities

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Spiritual Healing or the Metaphysical Healing embraces many different Healing Modalities. Most of the time, the term Spiritual Healer is applied to someone who is practicing a number of spirtual healing modalities.

Here are some of the more promminent modalities which are comprised within the Spiritual Healing Category:

  1. Astrology- It may not be considered a spiritual modality by an Astrologist, but it often has a spirtual emphasis.
    Find an Astrologist - click Gold Coast Astrology

  2. Crystal Healing- uses of crystals to bring about healing & positive changes to mind and body.
    Find a Gold Coast Crystal Healer- click Crystal Healing Gold Coast

  3. Distant Healing - universal energy is channeled to a patient by a healer.
    Find a Gold Coast Healer- click Distant Healing Gold Coast

  4. Meditation- Classes, Groups, Teachers, Techniques, Meditating for healing, Divine, Peace
    Find a Gold Coast Meditation Teacher - click Meditation Gold Coast

  5. New Age Shops - universal energy is channeled to a patient by a healer.
    Find a New Age Shop - click New Age Shop Gold Coast

  6. Psychic - A true psychic (one who is clairvoyant, clairaudio, clairsentient, clairessense, or channeler) is also referred to as a "sensitive" or "medium."
    Find a Gold Coast Psychic - click > Psychic Gold Coast

  7. Reiki - It is a safe, powerful, but gentle way of using universal energy to restore balance to yourself and others.
    Find a Gold Coast Reiki Practitioner - click > Reiki Gold Coast

  8. Spiritual Healing - To find a Spiritual Healer, please click >> Spiritual Healing Gold Coast

  9. Tarrot Readings - The Tarot is a deck of cards used giving readings and divination.
    Find a Gold Coast Tarot Reader - click > Tarrot Readings Gold Coast


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