Voting Labor or Liberal?

19/03/2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Holistic Political Comments,Latest News,Lifestyle

Voting Labor or Liberal?

In my role as editor and occasional author, I am often asked if my political inclination leans to labor or liberal, or left or right, or centre, or green or independent.

It’s not an easy question for me to answer, because I am not subscribing to one ideology. Not only that, I guess questions like that are loaded questions anyhow.

The person who is asking, most likely is biased towards one side or the other.

If I pick an answer that satisfies the questioner, all is fine, the person feels reassured within their own believes.

If the answer however is against the questioner’s preference, there will be follow up ‘attack questions’; after all, the questioner can’t possibly be on the wrong side, therefore it must be me who must be attacked or converted to the “right ideology.”

What does it mean to be bias or believing in the right ideology?

Bias; basically we are all biased for or against something.
There is nothing wrong with being biased, unless of course, we are not aware of it.

What about ideology? Nothing wrong with that either, ideologies are great to create different sets of ideas and values, essential for a healthy democracy.

However, if one becomes righteous about ones ideology, and defends it at all cost, maybe to win an election, it becomes a destructive force.

Righteousness in ideology is similar to religion; it basically prevents changing ones mind or accepting anything new or different.

With other words it is not the ideology or religion that is causing possible problems, it is the level of righteousness causing the problems.

Surely, if something would have been proven to be right, it would have prevailed, and we would live “happily ever after”.

It’s not is it? It may get even worse.

After hundred of years, shouldn’t we know what works and what doesn’t?

After all, it’s not that complicated, we all know that confrontation or even war is not solving any problems.

Supporting each other for the good of all, would work so much better.

Have politicians failed us? Maybe not as in the individuals, but certainly as in the system, which is geared towards confrontation and winning. Not as in winning for humanity, but sadly just for winning for one party or ideology.

What has all this to do with the original question?

 In a round about way, it has explained why I am hesitant to be one or the other.

Therefore, I am “sitting on the fence”.

I like sitting on the fence … nice and high … it provides a great Overview.

Try it out, sit on the fence for a while, enjoy the view, and maybe you come up with something workable.

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